Why John Cena Is Professional Wrestling

Eric ShepperdContributor ISeptember 15, 2008

Hello wrestling fans I want to talk to you about one man, John Cena. Nothing really made me say "I have to write this" but I just thought I would throw my thoughts out there. Some of you will agree and some of you will disagree but in the end I just want John Cena haters to have an article that will make them think.

John Cena debuted on June 27, 2002 when he faced Kurt Angle on Smackdown. The man that would go on to be arguably the biggest star in wrestling today put up a good effort (albeit a losing one) against Angle.

Things picked up for Cena when he adopted the "Doctor of Thuganomics" gimmick and Cena soon received praise from the Internet wrestling community. Cena would feud with The Undertaker and then a few months later he would turn face and win the United States title. The sky was the limit for John Cena when he got a shot for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 21.

Cena defeated JBL in a lopsided match that saw JBL dominate and then Cena pick up the win with the F-U. Cena showed everyone that he deserved the title though when he beat JBL in their now famous "I-Quit" match at Judgement Day. John Cena was then drafted to Raw and become the top guy on that brand. Why was it then that Cena was so hated when the title was finally taken off of him at New Years Revolution?

Many argue that Cena's reign was just too damn long and while it was a fairly long reign he put on some very good matches with the likes of Chris Jericho, Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, and Shawn Michaels.

Another point that is brought up is that Cena was being shoved down our throats and that it wasn't believable for someone to beat the odds that many times. The truth is John Cena wasn't given more airtime than any other main-event star that held the WWE Championship would be given. To not feature one of your biggest stars is ridiculous.

As far as him overcoming the odds, this is professional wrestling, there are plenty of things that require you to suspend your disbelief. Does anyone honestly think two guys can punch each other in the face and not be phased by it?

The over-coming the odds argument reminds me off the infamous undefeated streak of one Bill Goldberg. The guy went undefeated for a year! No one is that good. But the streak worked because Goldberg was over just like John Cena was and still is.

Ah being over, the WWE did a smart thing when the mixed reactions for John Cena got louder and louder. They pointed out the fact that love him or hate him, he elicits a reaction.

In my opinion it's better to be a face that gets booed then a face who gets no reaction whatsoever. I must take a moment and give credit to the WWE. They could have taken the easy way out of things and turned John Cena heel, but oh know they kept him as a face and Cena kept winning over people with his constant great matches.

John Cena vs HHH-WM 22
John Cena vs Edge vs HHH- Backlash 06
John Cena vs RVD-ONS 06
John Cena vs Edge-Summerslam 06
John Cena vs Edge-Unforgiven 06
John Cena vs Umaga-Royal Rumble 07
John Cena vs HBK-WM 23
John Cena vs HBK-1 hour match on Raw
John Cena vs HBK vs Randy Orton vs Edge-Backlash 2007
John Cena vs Great Khali-Cena had Khali's best matches
John Cena vs Randy Orton-Summerslam 07
John Cena vs HBK- Wrestlemania Rewind Match on Raw
John Cena vs HHH vs Randy Orton-WM 24
John Cena vs Jeff Hardy-Raw before Night of Champions
John Cena vs HHH-Night of Champions 08
John Cena vs Batista-Summerslam 08

Just take a look at the list I have compiled, all of those matches were definitely above good, with some being just great. I understand the "shoved down our throats" argument and I understand the "overcoming the odds" argument but I don't get it when people say that John Cena can't wrestle and has bad matches.

Even if you don't think those matches were near great, you have to admit there nowhere near bad. Sure John Cena isn't Kurt Angle, or Eddie Guerrero, or even Shawn Michaels, but he he also delivered when the bell rang.

I've often said that it takes two to tango and that applies here as well. The fact is that John is part of what made those match great. Even though I consider HBK to be one of the best ever, he still couldn't pull out a great match with someone that's a bad wrestler. The (R)Truth is that one wrestle can have a good match with a bad one, but he simply cannot have a great match with a bad wrestler.

One last point for me to hammer home is the call for Cena to stay away from the title and that Cena getting injured again is great because he won't be able to go for the title. The fact (there's that word again) is that once a guy wins the big one, and more specifically becomes a main-eventer, he is never out of the title picture.

Plus John Cena hasn't been WWE Champion since, are you ready for this?, October of last year.

The bottom line is that John Cena is truly "McMahon's Dream Wrestler" as Paul Heyman so aptly put it. He is because he loves this business and no matter what offers he gets he will always stay true to the WWE.

Take a look at that picture at the top of the article. What do you see? I for one see passion. The passion to be in the wrestling business and the passion to entertain the fans. This article is called "Why John Cena is Pro Wrestling" and the answer is his passion. His passion brings about great matches, great promos, and a great reaction(positive or negative) from the fans.

Say what you will about John Cena, but im going to have to say that Cena Is Professional Wrestling


(Eric is a rabid professional wrestling fan and Luther Reigns Number One Fan;), He writes for no-one but himself, for the rock, and for the people.)