WWE Tag-Team Division: Are We Expecting Too Much From the WWE?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2011

Just a quick article here to see what you guys think about this.

Now, I have been a part of this too and I have my share of articles about ways to improve the tag-team division but I have been thinking lately.

We very well may have too high of expectations for the tag-team division.

I am NOT saying that there is no room for improvements because they have the ability to fix it, but really what can we REALISTICALLY expect from the WWE.

Answer this one question: When you hear tag-team, who you think of?

You know who I think of, the first ever TLC match: E&C, the Hardys and the Dudleyz.

That era of tag-teams is probably what most think of—APA, Too Cool, I could go on forever about the list of tag-teams that may have not been the big three mentioned above, but were not too bad and at least had chemistry.

The problem now is, I believe, people are expecting to make a recreation of E&C, Dudleys and Hardys and I hate to say it but never again in the history of wrestling will there ever be any three tag-teams that put on a show like they did.

(Please don't comment about how great a tag team was that came before them)

While there is a lot of potential now a days that could turn the tag-team division into a decent one, you have to think about everything that the WWE feels is important.

Why the tag-team division and divas is not to them is beyond me, but that's how it goes.

Santino and Koslov, Usos and whoever else they decide to throw together—that is the tag-team division.

It is not going to change for a while, there are not going to be any more great tag—teams (at least for a while)—that is as good as it will get.

So please stop with the articles about how to save the tag team division. We all have read them, we all know what could be done, but unless you personally know VKM and can make him read them, it doesn't matter and can not be helped.

Just sit back and try to enjoy Santino and Koslov before the WWE splits them up.