The Milwaukee Brewers Cure Their 'Yost Infection' As They Fire Their Manager

Adam LindemerSenior Analyst ISeptember 15, 2008

For all you Brewers fans like me, over the last two weeks (or even longer), the man pictured above has made you sick to your stomach.

Mark Attanasio broke out the Pepto-Bismol Monday afternoon, and fired manager Ned Yost with twelve games left in the season, (where the Brewers still have an iffy chance to win the NL Wild Card).

I was ecstatic when I saw the ticker on ESPN, because Yost is known for giving his players second, third, and even seventh chances.

Last season's slide was excused to having too many young players on the roster, (which I buy), but what about this year?

The Brewers are a year wiser and stronger, and have added some veteran help, and yet they have gotten the same results.

Yost has been called a no-nonsense manager, but for the past couple of weeks, even the past month, that's all that's been going on when the Brewers took the field.

Ned Yost is a guy who got more upset on camera about CC Sabathia losing a no-hitter, than his team playing like lame ducks in September. He needs to show us, the fans, some emotion, rather than keeping it bottled up in the clubhouse.

I'm not saying all managers need to be like Bobby Cox or Lou Pinella, but get fired up over your team sucking, please.

This firing may have been a season too late, but now was as good a time as any.

The blurry man in the picture above, behind Ned Yost, is third-base coach Dale Svuem. He will take over for Yost during the last two weeks of the season, hopefully salvaging the Wild Card, and preventing many Brewers fans from leaping off the nearest building.

Svuem may even be the front runner in 2009, when big decisions will be made by the front office all around the organization.

For the first time in a long time, the Brewers might be able to get a qualified leader to be the manager, instead of giving a guy his first shot to be "top dog".

Any suggestions to Attanasio and GM Doug Melvin on who to go after, or is Svuem the man to complete Milwaukee's on going 'hunt for October?