The Best Wrestlers in Every UFC Weight Class

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The Best Wrestlers in Every UFC Weight Class

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    I recently posted an article about the best strikers in every UFC weight class. This article will cover the best wrestlers in every division.

    Wrestling has become one of the biggest aspects of MMA. If you do not have great wrestling or really good takedown defense, you will not survive long in the sport. 

    With the sport constantly evolving, you cannot afford to be weak in any area. Enjoy the list, and feel free to disagree.

Heavyweight: Brock Lesnar

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    I am going to start at the heaviest division for this article. For some reason I feel like even saying Brock Lesnar’s name will cause controversy. 

    It is clear that he is a very dominant wrestler. In fact that really is the only skill he posses besides size and strength. Cain Velasquez has shown that he is a great wrestler as well, and I think he will take Brock’s place as the best wrestler.  

    Also Brock has shown noticeable weakness in his wrestling against Carwin and Velasquez. For NOW I will place him as the best UFC Heavyweight wrestler. We will see if his wrestling will be enough when he faces off against Junior Dos Santos in the near future.

Light heavyweight: Rashad Evans

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    A division filled with differing opinions on who is the best wrestler. It could have been the Rampage Jackson who fought in Pride, but this isn’t pride anymore. 

    Could it be perhaps Forrest Griffin, who has a very underrated ground game? The list goes on, and no matter who I choose in this division people will disagree.

    Right now the most dominant wrestler in this division is Rashad Evans. He dominated Thiago Silva with his wrestling and most recently rampage Jackson. This is a skill he will have to continue to use if he wishes to beat Shogun Rua when they face off at UFC 128.

Middleweight: Chael Sonnen

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    Oh Chael Sonnen, I wanted to like you for giving Anderson Silva a fight. Then you tested positive for steroids. The list goes on about Sonnen's bad choices outside of the UFC.

    Regardless, Chael Sonnen is by far the most dominant wrestler in the middleweight division.  He has used his wrestling to throw his opponents around the ring in almost every UFC fight. I hope someday we can see his amazing wrestling in the octagon again but he was recently charged of money laundering and his fight with Yoshihiro Akiyama was given to Nate Marquardt.

Welterweight: Georges St Pierre

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    Finally! No question who is the best wrestler in this division.  GSP has such good wrestling he has made the best wrestlers in the UFC look foolish against him. He has completely nullified all strikers with his dominant wrestling ability.  

    I feel bad for Jon Fitch, he will always be the second best wrestler and second best fighter in the division. John Fitch may not have the most exciting style, but he definitely gets the job done. George St-Pierre will face off against Jake shields at UFC 129. This should be an easy fight for GSP but anything can happen.  Jake shields wouldn’t be fighting him if he didn’t have a legitimate shot.

Lightweight: Gray Maynard

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    Gray Maynard just can’t catch a break. First He defeated Frankie Edgar earlier in his career and kept an undefeated record. His wrestling based style of fighting caused him to get a title shot later then Edgar.

    Many believed Maynard deserved the title shot first. I am glad Edgar received the shot first. If he didn’t we wouldn’t have such a great storyline between the two would we? Then finally he has a chance to redeem himself against the man who has everything that he should. We all know that fight ended in a draw but at least we will see a rematch at UFC 130.

    Maynard has proven himself as the best wrestler in the division and before his recent fight with Edgar he used his dominant wrestling to beat top lightweight Kenny Florian.

Featherweight: Chad Mendes

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    Chad Mendes is slowly rising up the featherweight ranks and I am sure he will receive a title shot down the road.

    He has used his wrestling ability to score four consecutive wins in the WEC. He has an undefeated record and has a promising young career.  He will soon enter the UFC octagon for the first time at UFC 126 against Michihiro Omigawa.

Bantamweight: Dominick Cruz

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    Dominick Cruz has proven himself as the best Bantamweight today. I feel as though many people are going to try to make a case for Urijah Faber.

    Cruz recently faced Scott Jorgensen and put on a striking and wrestling clinic on his opponent. Many people felt that Scott Jorgensen would be the dominant wrestler and be able to control Cruz on the ground. This was not the case, and Cruz scored numerous takedowns in the fight.