WWE News: The Core of the Nexus Has Been Revealed!

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJanuary 19, 2011

The "Core" of Nexus is Wade Barrett
The "Core" of Nexus is Wade Barrett

Warning: This article contains a SPOILER!!! If you are one of those few who doesn't like to see a show get ruined before you watch it, then stop reading and exit this page! If you are one of those who reads spoilers, then proceed to keep reading, otherwise leave!!!


We all know that with the debut of NXT came the debut of the Nexus. The Nexus consisted of all of the NXT Season One Rookies with the addition of two NXT Season Two Rookies and one John Cena. Along the way, some members were exiled, I'll let you figure it out.

One of the few who were exiled is the original leader of Nexus, Wade Barrett. He became exiled by the Straight Edge Messiah and the new Nexus leader, CM Punk. Punk took over the "new" Nexus on Monday Night RAW but with controversy. He cost Barrett his spot as the leader of the Nexus and everyone figured that former Nexus leader would exact revenge on CM Punk.

Friday Night SmackDown came, and to the shock of everyone who doesn't read spoilers like this one, Wade Barrett arrived and took out the Big Show. Most wondered why, but as Barrett said, he wanted to dominate. 

Barrett was in a match against the Big Show when we saw the recently exiled Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, attack the Big Show. For those who don't know, Slater and Gabriel failed to pass Punk's initiation of the "New" Nexus.

Anyway, Slater and Gabriel had rejoined their former leader in Barrett to help him take down the Big Show but as we all know, with the power of "Knucklehead," Show wasn't going to go down that easy. The three men weren't enough to take down the Big Show.

When all hope seemed gone, Ezekiel Jackson came. After a few weeks of being hyped up, Jackson came to dominate and dominate he did. But instead of dominating the heels, he reverted back to his old ways and decided to dominate the Big Show. He literally dominated Show as he lifted him up making me believe that Zeke can beat Cena in a lifting contest. This allowed the others except for Wade Barrett to use their finisher on the Big Show. With a 450 splash to top it all off, a "new"/"old" Nexus was formed.

As you can see, people had no idea as to what this new group would be called. What could it be called since Nexus was already taken. Well apparently, at the recent SmackDown tapings, the name of the new stable has been named "The Core."

At first I thought, what kind of name is "The Core", but it all came to me. Wade Barrett was the original leader of the Nexus thus making him the Core of the group and since Barrett is the leader of this new group, then I feel like it deserves to be called as to what Barrett was to the original Nexus, "The Core."

So with the Nexus on RAW and the Core on SmackDown, which stable would you prefer? As for "The Core," what do you think of their name, does it fit? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!