Back to the Future: A Re-Evaluation of 'Tomorrow's Potential WWE Champions'

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Back to the Future: A Re-Evaluation of 'Tomorrow's Potential WWE Champions'
No matter the appearance, the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships are the most prestigious titles in wrestling and to tout someone as a future holder of one of these belts is a bold statement.

It has been about four months since I wrote a slideshow piece entitled "Tomorrow's Champions," in which I touted off the ten most likely candidates to hold a World Title by 2013, in order from least likely to most. 

Though it has been an overly saturated topic, I take pride in being able to bring a fresh point of view to something considered stale and that article received more reads than perhaps any other I'd written previously. 

Though I initially set the date of 2013 as a timeline for these ten individuals, the landscape of WWE as it relates to all ten of these men has changed quite a bit in just a mere four months, though this isn't too much of a surprise; The WWE is a fast paced environment.

I feel it's time now for me to eat my words on several of these superstars and deliver a big fat "I told you so" on others. 

The list has changed, some men were removed, one is no longer employed and there were replacements and shifts. 

For the last time (for now at least), I bring to you, my readers, tomorrow's potential WWE Champions.

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