Giants Fans, That Win Was against the Rams

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst ISeptember 15, 2008

Okay, admit it—if you were a Giants fan you were impressed by yesterday's win.

They let the Rams hang in there for a little while and then shut the casket on the game with some pivotal plays.  So far, it is looking like the loss of Osi Umeyoira hasn't hindered the Giants' pass rush at all.

Justin Tuck looks not only like a star, but like a super star.  He now has three sacks in the first two games, and in Sunday's game he had a 41-yard interception return for a touchdown. 

The defensive backfield looked great at times, and even the Rams' touchdown was on a pass that Kenny Phillips tipped, leading to Tory Holt making a circus catch in the end zone.  Kevin Dockery and Cory Webster had some nice pass break-ups.

The Giants are showing that they can and will run over anybody in sight.  All three of the backs got involved. Brandon Jacobs led the way with 15 carries for 93 yards.  Bradshaw finally got some carries and averaged 10.4 yards per touch, including a 31-yard breakaway on 3rd-and-2 in the fourth quarter. He also caught an 18-yard pass for a touchdown.  On the day, the Giants averaged 7.5 cards per carry.

Eli played much better yesterday, throwing for three touchdowns.  As usual, it was a win for the Giants, their 12th straight win while wearing their away whites.

This all being said, it was the Rams; they are just an absolutely pitiful team.  They did sack Manning twice, but besides that they have obvious flaws on the offensive line, and Steven Jackson seems worlds away from his 2006 campaign.

While that game was exciting and a pretty impressive win, there is no reason to evaluate this team based on that game.  Next week the Giants take on the Bengals, so I am not going to be too strong on evaluating them based on a win in that game, either.