WWE Reality Check, Volume 3: The Broken Face of the Heels in WWE

Toby FoxContributor IJanuary 19, 2011

Credit to webhush.com
Credit to webhush.com

Right now I have yet another bone to pick with the WWE creative team. The majority of readers will likely have noticed this to so please excuse my article/rant.

The problem I have with WWE creative at the moment is simple, the bad guys/heels NEVER win a feud. Ever. When a face and a heel of equal standing get in the ring together, you can bet that the heel will not win cleanly which completely ruins the story lines and makes them predictable.

The heels may win squash matches as Alberto Del Rio has been doing with R-truth, but when against Rey Mysterio, an even level face he had to win the feud via interference. I understand that the PG nature of WWE requires for good to triumph but firstly it would make for better television which would increase ratings, would teach kids that you can't always win and that you have to pick yourself back up and teaches them a life lesson. 

Case in point 1: Randy Orton

Throughout 2009 Randy Orton was the top heel in WWE and he won a vast proportion of his matches with interference from the Legacy stable. Since his face turn last year he has become an one man army which has ravaged the RAW main event scene. Are we meant to believe that just because he has had a minor personality change that he is suddenly a demigod in the ring?

Case in point 2: Batista

Batista had spent the vast majority of his career as a dominant face who has gone toe to toe with some of the best in the business. Yet after his heel turn in late 2009 he did not win a single feud. Rey Mysterio got the best of him eventually in a cage match, he lost to the Undertaker and was then made to look like nothing compared to John Cena.

The evidence is clear, that there is a serious problem with the heels in WWE. How are we meant to take them seriously if they never come out on top for once. Sheamus is an example I forgot to add above, had he taken out HHH without a post-match attack he would be much more of a dominant force.

By having him carry out the attack his 'best' moment has been diminished, yet when he turns face in the future look out for his dominance.

Thanks for reading and your thoughts appreciated.