WWE Royal Rumble 2011: Front Runner For Worst WWE PPV Of The Year

Jon SainzAnalyst IIJanuary 31, 2011

2011 Royal Rumble Winner
2011 Royal Rumble Winner

OK, it's January 31st and the WWE has only had one PPV so far, but it will be hard to come up with something more awful than this. This Royal Rumble had the potential to be great, but instead it was probably the worst I've ever seen.


World Heavyweight Championship Match

First match of the event, and it's a title match, Edge vs Ziggler, for which Vickie Guerrero banned the spear, I think I've seen something like that before.

The match goes back and forth, for some reason Kelly Kelly attacks Vickie (?) Ziggler locks the sleeper, the referee gets knocked out. Edge frees himself and spears Ziggler (I'm sure nobody saw that coming) and pins Ziggler after hitting a killswich with the referee looking.

Not a bad match to start the show, somewhat predictable, but it showed (again) why Edge is the ultimate opportunist.


WWE Championship Match

Next up, the WWE championship. OK match with an awful finish. The Miz is never going to win a match cleanly as a champion, but new Nexus interference? Really? Why? What does it matter for CM Punk if either Orton or Miz is the champion?

I'm guessing that the WWE wants to start a feud between Orton and the new Nexus, but why don't they just attack him on RAW week after week? Oh, yeah, they tried that with Cena and it didn't work. So now they help the Miz retain his championship, anyone see even a little bit of logic in there?


Divas Championship Match

The RAW GM, for whatever reason, sees fit to make the match a Fatal 4 Way (isn't there another PPV for that?) and adds Eve to the match. Eve wins, end of story.

By the way does anyone know why they kept the Divas championship instead of the Womens championship? 


Royal Rumble Match

Now on to the first ever 40 entrant Royal Rumble

CM Punk is the number one entrant (wait wasn't that the song of the old Nexus?) however the Corre comes down, the new Nexus does so too, and they start pounding on each other. The RAW GM orders the poor referees to go in there and stop that. Everybody but Punk leaves and the second entrant is Daniel Bryan.

The match goes on, Bryan looks great in a couple of spots, JoMo also shines for a moment, but after a little while the New Nexus cleans house and starts waiting for guys to come down, just to eliminate them in seconds.

We saw the return of The Great Khali and Booker T, who did their thing and were eliminated just as fast as anyone else.

Enter Superman—sorry, John Cena—who eliminates the new Nexus before teaming up with one of the biggest stars in the WWE: Hornswoggle and starts doing exactly the same thing the Nexus was doing.

The ring starts filling up again, Diesel returns, and there is little more to the match. Barret, Orton, Del Rio and Cena seem to be the final four, Riley distracts Cena who is eliminated by The Miz, who was doing commentary. Orton throws Barrett out, before Del Rio eliminates him. Del Rio is declared the winner, but wait, the referees start discussing something and just when I was wondering who eliminated Santino, he shows up, hits Del Rio with the cobra celebrates his victory and throws him over the top rope, no wait, Santino is the one who gets thrown and ADR is declared the winner again.

My Thoughts

Good WHC match, OK WWE championship match and a Divas match, could be better, but could've been way worse.

The Rumble is another story, 40 entrants for the first time, most of whom were eliminated in about the same amount of time they took to walk down the ramp. 

So the 40 entrants wasn't so that we could see some of the young guys in the spotlight.

An awful lot of potential returns: HHH, Jericho, Christian, Sheffield, and many others. Only one actual return: The Great Khali and two more surprise entrants: Booker T and Diesel. And encores by the championship match losers, Orton and Ziggler

I've seen that many surprises in one Rumble with 30 entrants and all of them were Mick Foley. So they weren't for surprises either. 

Then what in the world were the 10 extra entrants for?

Alberto Del Rio wins his first Royal Rumble in his first appearance, theoretically there is noting wrong with that. But to think that a guy that has been half a year with the company would win the Rumble and main event Wrestlemania before others that have been busting their asses off for years and have multiple records in that match is a bit disturbing, especially because it may very well be the last time they have a realistic chance of winning it. For those wondering, I'm talking about Kane.

So those are my thoughts, what did you think of the PPV? Feel free to comment.