WWE: The Significance of Triple H's New Position in the WWE

Mr. Ashley MorrisAnalyst IApril 18, 2011

The past couple of weeks have been interesting for pro wrestling fans here on Bleacher Report. 

With Edge’s retirement, the WWE’s crusade against all things pro wrestling and rumors of Dixie Carter’s resignation from her position as the President of TNA, there should be no earthly reason as to why a B/R fan isn’t chomping at the bit for some good ol’ fashioned pro wrestling palavering.

In the midst of so many notable things happening, however, fans of the “action packed, soap opera drama” have missed one important note that can and will dramatically change the WWE as we now know it.

The tidbit of info that zipped past our collective sports entertainment radar is the official announcement of Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s new position with the company as the head of a fresh talent development department.

If you found yourself focused on the announcement regarding WWE’s asinine rebranding of the company, you more than likely paid very little attention to Triple H’s corporate “promotion” in the press release

This, friends, is by no means an announcement to shake a stick or bite your thumb at. 

The implications of Triple H’s new job in the WWE could lead to very big things for the product and the fans in the very near future!

Vince McMahon is often criticized for having an ungodly fetish with really big, muscular superstars. 

Both WWE supporters and detractors have routinely noted how the company’s product is dominated by muscle-bound men who can’t really wrestle, but are really physically intimidating and sculpted like marble statues.

McMahon’s preference for talentless body-builders has left little room regarding career advancement for smaller superstars who could actually wrestle, even to the extent where athletes such as Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels had difficulty carrying the company as the top champions prior to the Attitude Era.

This is what makes the announcement of Triple H’s new role in the company that more worthy of a conversation among the fans. 

With “The Game” now in charge of talent development, could this possibly be the end of the monster push for really big superstars?

I personally believe so, and I’ll gladly tell you why.

The script for Triple H’s future in the business was written on the wall the day he officially “made it” in the WWE. 

Every single WWE DVD that mentions Triple H in any fashion always notes that he’s a “student of the game.” 

Triple H lives, breathes, poops and pleasures himself to all things related to the business; it’s a part of his life and it permeated his blood years ago.

Although he did not grow up in the business, his knowledge and experience comes close to rivaling the vast wisdom and savvy of his father-in-law, Vince McMahon, Jr. 

It was no coincidence that Levesque eventually found “love” in Stephanie McMahon, the willing and ready heir-apparent to the McMahon-WWE legacy.

It also didn’t hurt his chances to be a bodybuilding buff and fanatic.  Talk about a McMahon’s dream come true.

All of this is to say that Triple H’s ascent to WWE supremacy has reached a new level now that he’s in charge of developing talent. 

With Vince McMahon’s ears and eyes, Stephanie’s fingers nimbly perusing through the scripts of the creative writers, and his own knowledge of the business, Triple H is literally a few body parts away from creating the next biggest superstar in sports entertainment.

If everything starts with developing the talent, then what type of “talent” will Triple H scout for the WWE? 

Take one moment to think about it: When a company or an office hires directors or changes CEOs, each individual will bring something unique and different to the table that differs greatly from that of their predecessor.

Look at our U.S. Presidents, for example: Abraham Lincoln attempted to restore the Union by restricting slavery from expanding to new territories after one of his predecessors, Franklin Pierce, signed an act (Kansas-Nebraska Act for you nerds out there) that pretty much gave the okay for it to be anywhere U.S. feet tread.

This is to say that while Vince McMahon’s preference may focus on muscular superstars that are limited in the ring, Triple H’s focus may be on something completely different.

Vince McMahon’s talent scouting got fans Hulk Hogan during the WWE’s early years. 

The Attitude Era in the WWE saw Jim Ross give us the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Edge. 

Whoever was in charge during the barely discussed Ruthless Aggression Era brought us John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista.

What will Triple H bring to the table for us?

Return to the corporate announcement hyperlink from earlier in this story; it was announced that the first newly acquired talent under Triple H’s watch was Sin Cara, a pro wrestling superstar from Mexico named Mistico.

Sin Cara has received one of the best pushes in the WWE as of late, having skipped completely over the WWE’s developmental territory and brought straight to RAW due to his abilities and skill in the ring. 

The WWE, and perhaps Triple H, were so impressed by what the man could do that they didn’t feel it necessary to train him in the “WWE style.”

The only other superstar of recent memory that was speculated to have been offered the same treatment was Daniel Bryan, who supposedly turned down the offer and willingly chose to compete in the developmental territory prior to being brought up to the main roster.

A superstar would have to be pretty effing good for that type of push from the management. 

But again, notice that neither Bryan nor Sin Cara had the typical WWE look or abilities.  In the latter’s case, Triple H is credited with bringing him into the company. 

Is this the type of superstar he’s looking for, one that can entertain without looking jacked up on growth hormones?

The latest WWE signee was independent wrestler Jon Moxley, who made splashes in DragonGate USA as the leader of the Kamikaze USA stable and in EVOLVE Wrestling with a notable feud against former TNA grappler Homicide.

Moxley is best described as a weird mix between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Edge.  He has the golden gift of gab, a lost art that eludes tons of superstars today more so than a main event push avoids John Morrison. 

Moxley isn’t the most polished wrestler, but his ring work is effective and light years ahead of most of the stuff John Cena is allowed to do in his matches.

Is Jon Moxley another sign of the type of superstars Triple H is looking to mold, and if so, what does this mean for the future of the company? 

Both Sin Cara and Moxley bash the mold of what a WWE superstar is supposed to look like, yet they offer something more valuable to the company in terms of their athletic and verbal abilities.

What about Awesome Kong?

With Sin Cara being announced as the first acquisition under Triple H’s watch as the head of new talent development, Awesome Kong was probably brought in at the hands of Jim Ross’ incessant “Bah Gawds!”  Make sure you thank the man on your way out.

For the past week, vignettes have been shown for Kong that conspicuously implies her eventual domination over EVERYTHING the WWE Divas stand for. 

With the flick of a finger, a shadowy female figure sends the head of a Bratz doll flying into oblivion while laughing maniacally as the commentators feign ignorance at the meaning of the vignette.

Words will not come close to explaining how much of an “anti-Diva” Kong is and could be in the WWE. 

After being released by TNA in March of 2010, Kong worked for several independent organizations, including Ring of Honor Wrestling and EVOLVE. 

After meeting some very important WWE personalities at the Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion in 2010, it was a question of when Kong would sign with the company and not if.

When a rumor surfaced late last year that Kong had signed a developmental deal with the WWE, the company’s detractors and a few supporters began rampant speculation on how she would be misused by the McMahon machine. 

In fact, a betting pool began on exactly how she would be misused.

Now that we’ve seen the infamous vignette teasing her arrival to the main show, can any of us honestly and in good conscious sit back and expect more Diva-licious action in the form of Awesome Kong?

Are we even justified in believing that in light of her coming to the main roster under Triple H’s talent development system? 

With Sin Cara and Jon Moxley as case studies, is it really that unfathomable to believe that (a) Kong will be a destructive force that will bring prominence back to the Divas division, and (b) that Triple H’s regime as the head of talent development will usher in a new era in the WWE we’ve been longing for?

In Kong’s case, seeds have even been planted in the current storyline regarding the Divas Championship. 

We all witnessed last week on RAW a frustrated Eve Torres, after losing her title to Brie Bella, complaining to Gail Kim and Natalya (two of the company’s more athletically gifted female wrestlers) that “all of the ‘Divas’ were the same."

Even Tamina, daughter of WWE Legend “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, got some screen time in this verbal exchange. 

How was that entire sequence not setting up something big that will shake the Diva’s division?

Let’s use that same video to hop back to Sin Cara for one moment. 

Notice how the high-flying superstar was placed in a match with Primo Colón, another well-rounded wrestler on the RAW roster. 

By my count, Sin Cara and Primo were given four minutes and thirty seconds (4:30.6 to be exact) to give fans an exhilarating exhibition of the newly signed superstar’s skills; enough to quench our appetites for something fresh, and a little more, whet our senses for more the following week.

Some would argue that the match should have been a squash to put over Sin Cara, but I contend that the superstar’s style does not lend itself to such a type of match. 

In fact, the breathtakingly unpredictable moves of Sin Cara suggests a ring style that will see him stick-and-move opponents throughout a match, leading up to a big and flashy maneuver that will leave his foes staring at the lights during the three count.

If Sin Cara’s style is unpredictable, then that means that he will work with opponents to provide fans with some innovative spots that will probably stray away from the WWE’s formulaic matches.

All of these things are happening under Triple H’s watch, and if this is just the beginning, what can we expect to hit us hard in the near future?

Triple H’s new appointment and lavish corner office with a view in Titan Towers should be a clarion call for WWE fans far and wide to expect something new and fresh from the company regarding new talent and their development. 

While the WWE name change and list of forbidden terms justifiably annoyed and scared us a little, we cannot continue to complain about the invisibility of the trees because the forest blocking the view. 

When it is all said and done, we should at least have some hope in the fact that a new mind behind developing talent will yield some positive fruit for us to partake in.

And if you’re not down with that, I got two words for ya…

Sin Cara.



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