Kansas Jayhawks: The Team of 2007

Ryan KolodziejczakCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2008

Recently, I wrote an article about how Kansas was the team of the year.

There were many skeptics—ONLY because the Jayhawks had lost one game to a good team.

There were also skeptics who said that KU shouldn't have gone to the
Orange Bowl, and that Missouri should have been there instead.

They were all proven wrong on Thursday night.

Some may argue that Virginia Tech simply had a bad game—but if that's the case, maybe Kansas simply had a bad game against Missouri.

Others may argue that Kansas didn't play as well as Missouri would have.

My reply?

VT wasn't doing so hot either.

In any case, Kansas proved that they belonged in the BCS—and that they should be the team of the year.

How many other teams can manage to make it into the BCS under all that pressure...and come out alive?

Hawaii couldn't. Neither could Illinois. Even Oklahoma, a team that should be in BCS, managed to get shut down.

Kansas, on the other hand, stood up to adversity, beating VT in all three phases of the game.

Should the one-loss, top-10 Jayhawks be overlooked by college football fans?

No, not by a long shot. 

Kansas earned the distinction as the Team of 2007 by winning in 2008—against a team that should've beaten them.