Kansas Loss in Week Three Shifts Newest Big 12 Power Rankings

Peter FleischerSenior Writer ISeptember 14, 2008

This week we have the same cast as the last couple of weeks, plus an old friend.  It's everybody's favorite Jayhawk lover Jimson Cuenta, Colorado boy Stuart Whitehair, your resident Missouri Tiger expert, and Burgess Shaw, back from a brief hiatus.

Well, a couple Big 12 teams lost this weekend, the biggest being Jimson's Jayhawks.  "Lolz."  Also dropping a game was Iowa State, who lost a tough rivalry match with the Iowa Hawkeyes.  Other than that, it was smooth sailing for what might actually be the country's best conference.

Note: Total points are given first, then tiebreaker points follow.  The descriptions given after the teams were written by Peter Fleischer and don't represent any other writers' opinions.

1. Oklahoma (46)

They put a nasty beating on Washington.  The king is not getting complacent.  Yet.

2. Missouri (45)

The Tigers could have had 100 on Nevada if the starters played the whole game.

3. Texas (39)

Why drop them?  Arkansas game postponed, which could mess with team's planning before a tough stretch.

4. Texas Tech (37)

So far, defenses still haven't found a way to stop the Harrell-Crabtree connection.

5. Kansas (31)

A last-second loss to South Florida on the road is respectable but won't be as tough as games against Missouri, Oklahoma, or Texas.  Good luck Mangino.

6. Oklahoma State (29)

If they had played a challenging defense, they'd be ranked much higher.

7. Nebraska (24)

Just like Oklahoma State, except they haven't played a challenging team period.

8. Kansas State (19)

If they make it to 4-0 against Texas Tech, this team will probably make a bowl.  Still not sure if Josh Freeman is the real thing yet.

9. Colorado (18)

Their next seven games are all potential losses.  Very tough stretch for Hawkins and the Buffs.

10. Baylor (12)

It doesn't matter when the game is played—freshman Robert Griffin is getting better with each passing week.

11. Iowa State (8)

Very respectable showing against Iowa.  You gotta wonder how long a dual-QB tandem will work though without Superman as your second option.

12. Texas A&M (5)

They didn't play this weekend, so why would we move 'em up?