NASCAR's 2011 Changes Are a Win-Win for Everyone

Peter SchaeferContributor IIJanuary 18, 2011

For the longest time when Nascar made a change very few were happy, but with the latest set of changes Nascar showed they really are concerned with pleasing the their fans. Arguably the 2010 season was one of the bleakest in the sixty-two year history of Nascar with, the most legendary track in Nascar disintegrating, restricter plate racing more dangerous then ever, all but two Nationwide races won by cup drivers, and Kevin Harvick losing the championship when he should have cruised. Just when the sport's future looked dim, here comes Brain France to the rescue. Introduced were sweeping changes as varied as reducing the size of the restricter plate to a new points system

The change in the size of the restricter plate not only provides safer superspeedway racing, but also the drivers room to breath. I admit I'm like most fans I'm amazed and awestruck by the "big one", but I can live through a superspeedway race without seeing one. After all we are fans to see great racing not great wrecks. Nascar already did this once before, but then they changed the gear ratios so there was one big pack again. Here's hoping they don't do that this time.

The splitter is a thing of the past. Just like the rear wing the splitter was introduced to provide more downforce. Just like the rear wing it was a spectacular failure. To often it broke with no explanation, one of the braces came loose, or it dug in the track/grass/gravel and did serious damage to the car. No more evident then the 2010 season finale, a harmless spin by Denny Hamlin turned into a nightmare and ruined his day. All because of a piece of pointless fiberglass. Bye-bye splitter you won't be missed.

Making the drivers choose which championship to run for is a no-brainer. Drivers can still run Nationwide and/or Camping World races, just without getting points. This past season all but two Nationwide races were won by cup drivers, that is the equivalent of the Yankees going down to AAA a dominating the season. This is going to bring youth back too the two "lesser" series, by letting the young guns get experience against the cup boys, but also letting them battle for the championship in there respective series. Great call by Nascar

The points system getting revamped makes sense, and the one change not set in stone-yet. Nascar has had over ten different points systems in it's history. The one it's never though had is a system that rewards points corresponding to finishing order. Imagine Denny Hamlin going into the season finale only three or four points ahead of Jimmie Johnson instead of 33. The tremendous battles would be unfathomable. The record for points lead changes in a year (11) could be shattered. The one thing that should happen with this is reducing the number of extra points for a lap led or leading the most laps from five down to one.       

Many fans would like to see the chase put to rest also. The chase is getting a little stale. There is talk about adding three more driver to the chase bringing the total to 15. One bad decision against four good ones, Nascar fans would take that anyday.