No Surrender: Samoa Joe Retains/Jarrett Returns

Eric ShepperdContributor ISeptember 14, 2008

Hello everyone and I am back here with my TNA No Surrender Review. Im going to go ahead and do things in order tonight. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my thoughts on TNA No Surrender!

Sting Promo: The Stinger was a little off tonight during his speech. It did pick up in the end though. He would be making some great points about disrespect if only Joe and AJ actually had shown Sting disrespect. What did AJ do, call him a coward?

Well Sting didn't show up for a month to explain why he was helping Booker T so I would say AJ's comment was in the right. And Joe, oh yes he didn't listen to Sting when he told him to stop beating Booker T up.

I really think this respect angle has potential but at least in my eyes Sting is coming off as a guy whose scraping the bottom of the barrel. We get a Bret reference in Canada! What a shocker!

Booker T Announcement: Sucks that Booker couldn't make it down for the PPV. I was looking forward to the four-way. Ah well like Tenay said my thoughts are with everyone effected by the hurricane.

Rock and Rave Infection vs The Prince Justice Brotherhood: I freaking love the PJB. At first I hated the Stone Cold Sharkboy gimmick but now I kind of like it since he is being paired up with other *ahem* freaks.

Curry Man is the greatest thing to happen to this business. Well maybe not but he had me laughing in this match with his encounters with Christy Hemme. I still think Eric Young has the potential to be a big star. The guy is over with the crowd, is a good wrestler, and he has the charisma to boot. For now I guess we will have to settle for Super Eric. Funny ending as well with Curry Man not wanting to get up after pinning Hemme.

ODB vs Awesome Kong: Well TNA had to throw this together when Miss Kim decided to leave TNA. Pretty good brawl between the two with one or two nice spots. Not the best womens match ever, but it wasn't boring. By the way There was a Suicide mention in the video package for this match and another one later on in the night. Im interested in the character but they better not postpone it too long.

Christian Cage Promo: For the second time in one week Christian Cage has delivered a fantastic promo. On Impact he had a great one that really made you believe that this was his night. Tonight was no different with alot of emotion going into this one. With two promos Cage made himself a front-runner to win the title tonight

Abyss and Matt Morgan vs Team 3D: Pretty good tag team match if you ask me. They had a couple of nice false finishes and everyone looked strong. A month or two ago I wasn't very keen on Matt Morgan but he seems to be growing on me. The guys got talent, whether that will take him anywhere is yet to be seen. That Torture Rack back-breaker from Abyss always looks painful! 3D loses but makes it look like Abyss hit Morgan with the chair, good stuff.

Petey Williams vs Creed vs Bashir: Match of the night IMO. Whether it was because I was kinda tired towards the end of the show or that the ladder match had some botches, I still think this was MOTN. Great back and forth action. Between this and the Ladder Match the X- Division really shined tonight. Perfect ending with Williams hitting the CD and Bashir stealing the victory.

Im a huge Petey fan by the way and it was nice to see his home country give him some love. Congrats to Bashir for the well-deserved title.

Taylor Wilde vs Angelina Love: Solid womens bout but nothing special. I like Rhino a lot so I kind of wish he was doing something better than being Taylor's friend. Oh well, and Cute Kip? Come on man you can do better than that. I sort of liked the "Mega Star" Kip James character but this is just bad. Kip's a pretty darn good talent and being the make-up artist for TBP isn't helping him. God damn this guy can't get a break.

Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt: Nice ladder match out of the two here tonight. The concept was kinda dumb but the match wasn't. They tried some new things and some worked out while others didn't (did Lethal think Sonjay was going to hit that ladder?).

Anyways I loved the back-body drop spot onto the ladder. WAIT....WHAT? Liz can't turn on Macho can she? Well she did, the only two good things about this storyline are their matches and the "fury" it has brought out in Jay. Have Jay smash Sonjay's face in at BFG and then elbow drop Val and move Lethal onto bigger and better things. OHH YEAAH WORLD TITLE YEAH!

Angle Promo: Good promo that cleared up his strategy now that Booker won't be in the main-event. Nowhere near the awesomeness that was Cage's promo, but it was still good.

Beer Money vs LAX: Good tag team match up here with Beer Money getting another cheap win. I hear Shelly is actually gone from TNA, oh well I just wonder why the chose for her to be assaulted in the women's bathroom. Anyway I smell a Six Sides of Steel Tag Team match at Bound For Glory between these two teams.

AJ Styles vs Frank Trigg: I like MMA, I like AJ Styles, and I like what I've seen out of Frank Trigg, but this match was a mistake. Booking an MMA match on a Wrestling PPV is just stupid. The We Want Wrestling Chants (my favorite) turned into the Fire Russo chants which then turned into some this is b***s*** chants.

I would be pissed to if I paid my hard earned money to see a wrestling show and then was treated to an MMA match. Oh well, Trigg cut a bland promo that wasn't that bad and in the end the only redeeming quality of this was AJ getting some kendo stick revenge.

Samoa Joe Promo: Before I get to this I just want to say im annoyed by Booker's new voice. Its like he's trying to be Jamaican Royalty. Stick with regular Booker or Good Ole Englishmen Booker.

Anyways Joe cut a very effective promo. I say that because he brought up some great points on why Sting doesn't deserve his respect. I would have liked for Joe to ask Sting the question of who he's beaten in the last six months. The truth hurts but that's what Joe gave us tonight. No doubt Sting deserves his money and his time with his family but its all open for attack once you question someone's respect.

Samoa Joe vs Christian Cage vs Kurt Angle: Quite simply three of the best in professional wrestling today. Sting coming out to try and mess with Joe added to the story of Joe losing his focus. The three men had a very good match-up but I was pretty damn tired so I can't give it all the praise it may deserve. Nice to see Jarrett come back and nail Angle. Can't wait to see what Jeff has to say about attacking Angle!

Bound For Glory Thoughts: Bound For Glory is looking good so far. Beer Money and LAX will most likely have a tag team warfare of some kind and after tonight we can expect Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett. I for one am I Jeff Jarrett fan so I will be looking forward to this matchup. Whether or not the will have a good match, well have to see.

And Samoa Joe vs Sting for the TNA Heavyweight Title. The main-event that has been talked about is now official. I really like Joe's promos on Sting and will look forward to more in the coming weeks. Sting may be older but when it counts he is on his game so Joe/Sting should be one hell of a main-event. Lets just hope Sting doesn't win the title only to lose the title on the next Impact;)

P.S.: For those of you that watched ECW this week you saw Jake Swagger make his debut. The guy he beat is named Josh Daniels and is one of the best independent workers out there today. If you ever get a chance to see him I certainly would!

Until Next Time, Take Care...