Mason Ryan's Kryptonite: 5 Guys Barrett Can Use to Counter Ryan

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2011

Mason Ryan's Kryptonite: 5 Guys Barrett Can Use to Counter Ryan

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    First off, let me say this: DAMN, THIS GUY IS HUGE!

    Okay, now that's out of the way, let's get started. So, as we all saw, Mason Ryan has apparently joined CM Punk's "New" Nexus.

    He now joins David Otunga, Michael McGuilicutty, Husky Harris and CM Punk. Obviously, this makes five guys.

    Wade Barrett, however, only has four. Himself, Slater, Gabriel and Ezekial Jackson.

    Now you might say that Ezekial could cover for Mason because he too is big as hell.

    Nonetheless, Barrett still needs one more guy to fill the gap to create a truly good match at the Royal Rumble or whenever these two teams collide.

    I have put together a list of five guys that would perfectly fill that spot.

Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters

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    Some of you may have noticed I put "The Masterpiece" in his name at the title of this page.  I am not sure if I am the only one here who thinks Masters was a total badass when he first started doing the Masterlock challenge and was a superb heel (in my opinion), but he is not a very good face.

    As it has sadly been for a while, he currently has nothing going on for him, and being put in the light may finally give him a chance to be seen and make the guys in the back stop and think about him for a second.

    You might also be asking yourself, Barrett's team looks to be the faces in the matchup against Punk's so why turn him heel? Simply because of thinking ahead. By turning Masters heel after the Nexus crap ends, he could turn on Ezekial Jackson and have a big feud.

    But that's just my idea, anyway Masters would be kind of a bad but good idea since they already have a big man role in Jackson, but they could use a guy with a submission hold.

Jack Swagger

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    Again, more focused on the submission holds. The dangerous ankle lock and a great athlete could do nothing but good for the, I guess it would be, the "old" Nexus.

    Swagger would not only bring skill, but also counter Punk as someone who has held championship gold.

    I can see Swagger as the most likely to join Wade Barrett.

Drew McIntyre

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    The Chosen One has not exactly been too chosen lately. This would be a good time to kick him back up to a scene of something from now until the chosen part comes into play.

    The only problem about this one would be the size difference, but that is not really a huge problem, if any.

    Aside from that this seems to be a perfect fit.

Tyler Reks

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    Tyler Reks looked to be on his way to the top fast, but slowly fell to the mid-lower level as most guys do.

    This could give him a boost back up and let the head office guys know that he is still there and is ready for his shot to prove himself. 

Tyler Black

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    Tyler Black has yet to make a debut in the WWE yet, and what better way to counter a FCW star than with another one.

    This move would make the most sense to me, but then again, it is the WWE we are talking about.