Manny Pacquiao: The Problem With Journalists Attacking Him and Other Fighters

edgar solorzanoContributor IIIJanuary 18, 2011

Boxing can be a dirty business that helps strong warriors live in cleaner places.

These warriors have sacrificed a lot to make it where they at today. They fight multiple battles on and off the ring in order to succeed.

Some warriors grew up in violent environments that a kid shouldn't experience or in countries with tremendous poverty, while others grew up middle-class with a little more money.

However, they all share something in common: They know what's it like to fight a battle. W

hether you like or dislike a fighter, you should be aware that all these fighters do the same job for a living. They are willing to go to the hospital to give their people hope and give the fans a smile.

These same warriors who motivate the world and spread the message that anything is possible are getting attacked by journalists daily. I'm not going to name any names and show hatred; that's not the point I'm trying to spread.

I keep asking myself why are these journalist attacking fighters like Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley? It's alright to give your opinion. However, it's never OK to disrespect a fighter.

Boxing journalists need to fight a round in their shoes to see if any fight is easy or how about if they trade the pen for the boxing gloves and have the fighter criticize them? Would they like it?

These are questions that journalist normally don't think about. Instead of analyzing fights, they say, "Ohh, this fight is trash, he totally ducked him, he's on steroids," and many other accusations that bothers me as a journalist.

As everyone knows, the top fighters are the ones usually getting verbally attacked. The majority of the journalists have been whining a lot about the Mosley vs. Pacquiao event that will take place in Las Vegas.

Well, the Filipino champ is planning to fight for at least three more years. So what's the rush on fighting Andre Berto? Berto will have more experience by then anyways.

These same fighters that get attacked take the time to answer questions and give important info, and this is the respect they get? If journalists are just going to disrespect fighters and whine about what fight is right for boxing, then they should try being a promoter and see how easy it is.

It doesn't take any skill to write about how much you hate a fight or attack a fighter, by saying who's too old, slow or scared to fight.

I don't dislike these journalists; they help the sport of boxing. However, they should be more mature and professional when publishing an article.

Hopefully one day, these journalists will learn to appreciate what these fighters do in the ring. They don't have to follow their lifestyle, but appreciate the sacrifice that a fighter is willing to take.

Thousands of warriors fail to compete at the pro level, so let's respect these warriors that have sacrificed a lot to be where they at today.