TNA No Surrender Results

Dameon NelsonContributor ISeptember 14, 2008

TNA's latest PPV comes to us from Ontario, Canada and here are the results and ratings from the Pro Wrestling Report at

Special Note - BOOKER T IS NOT ABLE TO BE AT THE SHOW DUE TO TRAVEL PROBLEMS. He is scheduled to be in the main event.

Prince Justice Brotherhood defeats the Rock N Rave Infection by pinfall - While this was a good opener, it was not up to par with TNA's tradition of amazing PPV openers.  The interaction between Christie Hemme and Curryman was fun.

Awesome Kong defeats ODB by pinfall—Another great TNA Knockouts Match with a solid effort from both and the match told a very good story.

Abyss and Matt Morgan defeat Team 3D by pinfall—Good amount of boos for Matt Morgan during this match.  Surprising.  Morgan was being put over a a monster who survived a chari shot and the 3D,  Abyss and 3D were solid as usual.  Certainly not a bad match, but nothing special.

Shiek Abdul Bashir defeats Consequences Creed and Petey Williams to become new TNA X Division Champion—This one was a bit of a surprise.  Petey was the hometown hero, but he would lose the title in a risky move to further get people to hate Bashir.  

Good match with three solid talents and the real highlight of the match was Williams getting the Sharpshooter on Bashir, in Canada, by a Canadian, with Earl Hepner as referee.  I think it was the first time Earl was in that situation since 1997.  Has anyone caught the first few seconds on Bashir's entrance theme?

Taylor Wilde retains the TNA Knockouts Championship against Angelina Love—This was an OK match, good extras with Kip James and Rhino.  Two Knockout matches on a PPV, good stuff.  WWE might give one match and they have TWO belts.  Good job TNA showing your continued dominance in the womens wrestling area.

Sonjay Dutt defeats Jay Lethal by capturing the "ring"—This ladder match had some solid wrestling and great ladder spots that I have not seen before including a Boston Crab on top of the ladders.  Dutt really shined in this match.  The "shocker" came when Val gave a low blow to Lethal giving Dutt the advantage and win.  Don West says that he is "pissed."

Beer Money defeats LAX to retain the TNA Tag Team Championships—Beer Money steals another one in this wild match where both teams really stepped up again.  How amazing is Hernandez and how underrated is Roode?  Jackie is heavily involved in the finish giving the edge to Beer Money for the win.

Frank Trigg and AJ styles go to a No contest in an MMA Style match—This one was not very well received by anyone, apparently not even Styles who said to Tenay and West after the match "I'm a wrestler" after the fans chant "we want wrestling" during the first round.  Styles also attacks Trigg with a kendo stick after the match. Nothing else of note.

Samoa Joe reatains the TNA World Championship in the Four Ways to Glory Match—Good match.  Lots of action.  Cage hits the unprettier and Angle snatches out the ref.  Jarrett comes out (to little fanfair) and hits Angle with Guitar while Joe then gets the Musclebuster for the win.

Overall a good show.  No Mick Foley as TNA essentially announced on their site and this one lacked that Big Event feel.