Making Wrestlemania Feel Right

Alevyn ShareefContributor ISeptember 14, 2008

The other day I had a sudden urge to re-watch Wrestlemania 23 and I thought to myself, This is how a Wrestlemania is supposed to feel! It had everything a wrestling fan could want from a 'Mania. Sure it had it's matches that were a bit useless (Khali vs Kane, Melina vs Ashley) but for the most part it was a damn good show.

Money in the Bank was still as exciting on the replay as it was the day of the night. Jeff Hardy's death defying "Wrestlemania size" leap on long time family rival Edge was still breathtaking, the "battle of the billionaires" still felt like a big-time event, the two world title matches put the legends against the two biggest names the WWE had to offer in what were very good matches.

The ECW Originals getting that win on the biggest stage of all against the since forgotten new breed was a heart felt moment, and we saw then up-and-coming MVP go hold for hold with one of the best technical wrestlers to ever live. Wrestlemania 23 was pure beauty.

What really made this Mania was the fact that it just felt right. Something that I can't say about Wrestlemania 24. This year's mania just felt like they tried to hard. None of the matches build up really felt 100% besides Taker and Edge. Everything else just felt like they tried to make a Wrestlemania. It felt so insert big match here.

Not to say that it didn't have its moments—HBK retiring Ric Flair was very heartfelt—but we just knew it was happening and why.

The build up to this years entertainment match with Big Show and and Mayweather just was to forced. Half the time you couldn't tell who was the face from the heel. The diva's match was void of any wrestling and was to much of a streched gimmick. Wrestlemania just need's a woman's title match to feel right for that division.

The triple threat title match was just to get all of them in on a big match at mania. Batista and Umaga was just to not leave them off the show. The Money in the Bank match was a bit empty without Jeff Hardy who was out on suspension. The ECW title match was well seven seconds. JBL and Finlay's storyline was so horrible. It just didn't feel right. It looked like a Wrestlemania, but just didn't feel right.

I hope the WWE can recapture that magic for 25. It has to give the fans what feels right. The stars must realign themselves in wrestling fans favor. For me, I'd love to see these matches make Mania 25.

Triple H vs Edge
HHH has a who's who list of people he has faced at Mania. It's to the point were you can name almost any main-eventer in the WWE and he's probably had a match with them at Mania. Anybody else at this point would be a rematch. This is really the only match that is left for him with a big enough name that could possibly headline. This match could easily be for a World Title.

In all honestly I'd like to see Edge win a Royal Rumble with his gimmick he could brilliantly steal a rumble win. Think about it: Edge tries to get a title match at the Rumble so that he wont have to compete in the lottery like Rumble match. He loses a number one contender's match, the next week he wins a slot in the rumble but gets a pretty high number like five or something.

He gets thrown over the ropes by someone likely to win like Batista only one foot touches the ground he rolls back ring thinks about it and rolls out leaving wrestlers to believe he is eliminated. A major fan favorite "wins" the rumble and Edge comes in and tosses them out the ring during their celebration.

HBK vs Undertaker
If not now then when? Them two facing off at Mania in Texas just feels right. They are legends. On paper the match could go either way. Anything that threatens the streak add's tons of excitement. A lot of people like how the Y2J and HBK feud is going and want to see it ride until 'Mania. I say watch Mania XIX for that match at a mania. Its a great feud but we've seen them at Mania. We have never seen HBK and Taker at Mania and if not now then when?

Batista vs Cena/ or Orton
Whoever Batista's opponent is you just can't go wrong with it form these two. Cena and Batista put on a great match at Summerslam my only hope is that they can top it. It's going to boil down to who is healthy in this case. Orton and Batista have history as member's of Evolution I know the writers can get something good out of that.

CM Punk vs Jericho
I am going on a limb and I am saying it. This is the match I want to see. It does not need to be for a World Title. I actually think that would go better with a Batista/ Orton match. If they can get some tension and a good story going then the match will make it self. I think Jericho will be able to help Punk put on a solid first singles mania match.

I think if the WWE can build around that we will have a very good Mania in '09.