Broncos-Chargers: San Diego Robbed By Ed "Over-Officious Jerk" Hochuli

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIISeptember 14, 2008

Get behind me satan (lowercase on purpose)! I literally thought about how I could dispose of NFL referee Ed Hochuli’s body when he returns to Arizona. Not really, but you catch my drift. Well, actually I did, but not seriously!

Hey Hochuli, what kind of nonsense was that?

First, you turn a CLEAR Philip Rivers completion near the first-down marker into an interception and hand Denver a touchdown. Then you take it to the point of sheer ridiculousness and claim that the review equipment is malfunctioning and you cannot review the play? I didn’t see Janet Jackson at the game. Quit lying.

Even worse, after the Chargers dominate the second half, you allow the Broncos to keep the ball after Cutler CLEARLY fumbled and lost the ball and hand Denver a touchdown? Claiming the whistle blew. Excuse me jerk, you blew the whistle!

You mean to tell me that with instant replay, neither one of these horrendous calls was overturned???


There were a couple of other questionable calls that aren't even worth mentioning after those two whiffs.

What is NFL Head of Officiating Mike Pereira’s excuse going to be this time? According to him, the refs never make mistakes. I can't wait. That was flat-out the worst call I have ever even heard of, let alone seen. I thought the first call was so ridiculous that it would never be topped, but then after the second call...

In one game??? 

God hates people who take bribes. That’s all I can say about that.

Just like I said last week, at least it wasn’t the playoffs. Hochuli may not want to turn down certain streets in San Diego County, and that’s in Coronado.

On a positive note, Ed Hochuli cannot call every Chargers game. Hell, they may not let him call another one this season. Can you imagine if this guy screws up again?