10 More Superstars Added to WWE's Royal Rumble Main Event

Brian KennedyCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2011

10 More Superstars Added to WWE's Royal Rumble Main Event

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    The WWE announced today that 10 more superstars will be added to the infamous Royal Rumble.

    The Rumble is one of the most popular PPVs of the year and adding 10 more superstars can only make it better. The Rumble has been known to produce some laughs, some surprise returns (John Cena's 2008 Rumble return) and starting points for many wrestlers careers.

    The question now is, who will fill these 10 extra spots? It was hard enough for the WCW to fill three rings with 60 wrestlers back in the day. With the WWE cutting roster spots almost monthly, the pool of superstars is dwindling. But alas, 10 more men (and possibly some Divas) will be thrown into the mix to contest for a title shot at Wrestlemania.

    So here are my predictions for the 10 extra entrants in the 2011 Royal Rumble.

#10. Skip Sheffield

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    Skip Sheffield was quickly turning into the Nexus' enforcer when a broken ankle at a house show sidelined the behemoth. Since breaking his ankle, Sheffield has been "kicked out" of Nexus, and is due for a new storyline when he returns. My best bet is that if Sheffield returns at the Rumble, he will be out to seek revenge on his former allies.Sheffield has the potential to be a main eventer and the Rumble is a great PPV to jumpstart his career.

#9. The Great Khali

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    As much as it pains me to say this, The Punjami Playboy will more than likely come back to the WWE at the Royal Rumble. (Calm down reader, try to contain that excitement) Khali has been absent for months now as he has been over in India competing on Big Brother. Why the WWE keeps Khali is beyond me, but if there is anyone who can do a kiss cam, it is The Great Khali.

#8. Mason Ryan

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    To fans in the WWE Universe, Mason Ryan is just another name. But to fans down at Florida Championship Wrestling, he is the FCW Heavyweight Champion. FCW is the training grounds for up and coming WWE talent, and has produced wrestlers like alex Riley and various Nexus members. Reports are the Welsh born superstar Ryan is going to be brought in to the WWE and have a run like Dave Batista had when he was first brought in. He has that Batista look, and whats better is that Ryan has good mic skills. If ever there were a stage to debut the next great thing, it would be the Royal Rumble.

#7. Christian

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    Christian was another one of those superstars who was finding his stride when an injury forced him to the sidelines. Christian was in a heated rivalry with Alberto Del Rio when he tore a pec muscle. Since showing up at the Slammy's on Raw a few weeks ago, the speculation is Christian is on the up and up and will return to the squared circle soon. If Christian down in fact return to the Rumble, look for him to take out the Mexican playboy Alberto Del Rio.

#6. Awesome Kong

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    Since being released from TNA, many were wondering if Awesome Kong would go back to Japan and wrestle, or go to rival WWE. Those questions were answered when Kong signed with the WWE a few weeks ago. Kong has many wondering (including myself) what will the WWE do with Kong?

    Lets face it, Kong is leaps and bounds bigger and better than the Diva stock the WWE has right now. If Vinnie Mac wants to utilize Kong's potential, he needs to use Kong like he used Chyna during the attitude era. Make Kong a dominant heel who wants to wrestle with the boys. If anything he can bring her in to the rumble to showcase WWE's newest acquisition. 

#5. Booker T

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    No not King Booker, the original Booker T.

    Since leaving TNA, Booker T and the WWE have gone back and forth trying to work out a deal to bring back the 5-time, 5-time, 5-time World Champion. The WWE has been known to bring superstars back that everyone had forgotten about. If Booker is brought back in, he will be more of a mentor than a main eventer. Booker T's Main Event run has been over since he first left the WWE, but being able to help out the younger talent would be an asset the WWE would love to have.

#4. Doink The Clown

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    Every year the WWE tries to throw in some comic relief right in the middle of the Rumble. From Drew Carey, to Warload/Sanitino Marello being eliminated in less than 5 seconds, there is always a good laugh at the Rumble. Look for the ageless wonder known as Doink the Clown to make an appearance. A whoopie cushion or elctric buzzer will probably make an appearance as Doink is thrown over the top rope.

3. Chris Jericho

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    Jericho is like cousin Eddy from the National Lampoon Vacation Series: You really don't want to see him, but you can't help but see what he is going to do when he gets there. Jericho left the WWE (again) to go back on tour with his band Fozzy. But as is the case every few months, Jericho returns for another run before being fired or quitting or not caring anymore. Expect a Chris Jericho sighting at the Rumble to help get ready for Wrestlemania.

#2. Bill Goldberg

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    Now before you jump all over me for even saying this, let me explain myself.

    After the debacle that was Goldberg vs. Lesner at Wrestlemania XX, many thought that the WWE would never try to bring Goldberg back. But think about this, Wrestlemania is in Atlanta this year. Goldberg is from the Atlanta area and has said that he would like to wrestle one more match. Add to the fact that the WWE is considering inducting Goldberg into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Like kid from Angels in the Outfield said, "It Could Happen."

#1. Triple H

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    Let's face it, since Triple H's partner in crime Shawn Michaels retired last year, Triple H looked as though he doesn't care about being a wrestler anymore. 

    After injuring his bicep in a match with Sheamus, Trips has taken an extended leave of absence to not only recover, but start doing more behind the scenes work in the WWE to get ready to take over for Vince (whenever he retires). This will probably play as Triple H coming back to exact his revenge on Sheamus, which will lead to a match at Wrestlemania. The predictability is there, but the reaction of the fans and wrestlers will be what it is all about.