Denver Nuggets Update: Carmelo Anthony Doesn't Know What He Wants, Karl Consoles

Rich Kurtzman@@RichKurtzman Senior Analyst IJanuary 17, 2011

Cartoon drawn by the writer, Rich Kurtzman.
Cartoon drawn by the writer, Rich Kurtzman.

Last night, Carmelo Anthony "answered" questions about the possibility of talking to the Nets management in person, something the Nuggets had already given permission to do.

Carmelo played coy though, saying, "I can't talk to them people. The Denver Nuggets still pay me. I can't talk to nobody."

After having explained to him that Denver has given New Jersey permission to talk to Melo, he said, "I don’t want to talk to nobody. I let the front office handle that type of stuff. It ain't my job to be talking to New Jersey, New York, the Lakers, Dallas, no one. That’s not my job to do.

"I still won’t step into something like that," Anthony said. "I’ve seen a lot of people go through that and for me to sit here and say that I want to talk to them or Masai and Josh gave them permission to talk to me, I think that’s false. If that was the case, then I'm pretty sure I would've gotten a phone call from Masai or Josh about that."

Maybe Melo thinks if he ignores the Nets, all the trade talks will just magically disappear.

Or maybe Melo doesn't want the spotlight to leave him quite yet.

But he must realize at this point that the Nuggets aren't sending him to New York, New Jersey for now and Brooklyn in 2012 will have to do, but the Melo mega-deal can't happen until the disgruntled Denver star signs his three-year $65 million extension.

The Nets can't send away Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, three other players and two first-round picks for merely renting Melo for the rest of the year; they must have guarantee that he'll be on the team for a few years at the least.

Instead of constantly worrying about impacting his image, Melo must come out, say what he wants to happen and the Nuggets can go forward from there.

If he's planning on meeting with the Nets, then so be it—fans, players and coaches want to just move forward and hopefully salvage their season that Anthony has sabotaged.


George Karl Consoles His Other Players Through All the Trade Talks

Many players have become distracted with all the trade talks and head coach George Karl has had to play the role of therapist lately.

From Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post today, "I've had five 10-minute conversations with about four, five guys," Karl said yesterday. "I'd rather keep that between us. I think (Nuggets executive vice president of basketball operations) Masai (Ujiri) and (team president) Josh (Kroenke) have done a good job with the 'bigger' players and, you know, I check in with everybody about once a week.

"I would say most of us right now, somehow we got the funk out. After the New Orleans game we kind of had a come-to-Jesus meeting. A little bit of, 'We get paid to win. We don't get paid to complain, gripe or moan and groan. We get paid to win games.' The hand you're dealt sometimes isn't the best hand, but sometimes you can make it work."

Not only has Karl given the players his ear as a sympathetic listener, but he also gave them a rousing pep talk that lit a fire under them.

The Nuggets are working through all the uncertainty and they hope to make the playoffs for the eighth straight year under Karl despite currently sitting in seventh position in the Western Conference at 23-17 overall.


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