Royal Rumble with 40 Superstars: Good Move for WWE or Too Many for Rumble Match?

Iqbal SirajContributor IIJanuary 17, 2011

Joey Styles let slip that 40 superstars will be participating at this year's Royal Rumble match, confirmed by the WWE Royal Rumble page earlier today.

Would having more superstars mean more time spent on the Rumble match itself and less time or fewer matches outside the Rumble? Would we just see the two matches advertised and just the Rumble itself? It would be stupid to do that.

But then you look at it.

At the moment, a wrestler comes out every 90 seconds, meaning a minimum of 45 minutes for the event to take place. By adding another 10 wrestlers and using the same timescale, the match ends up at 60 minutes, which means 1.5 hours possibly dedicated to the Rumble match. They could possibly change it to every minute a wrestler comes out, which means rapid entries. Right now, only two matches are advertised.

If Cena IS going forward with his feud with CM Punk (as in, if he is not really injured), I can see those two having a match at Royal Rumble and a possible Intercontinental match between Swagger and Kofi or a three-way U.S. Title match between Bryan, DiBiase and Kidd. But I do not see more than four matches advertised including the Rumble.

But what is their motive for adding 10 wrestlers to the match? Is it so that nearly all wrestlers that are employed by the company this year can have a taste of the Rumble match? New developmental superstars to be introduced such as Awesome Kong and Mason Ryan? Or BIG comebacks such as HHH, Jericho, Batista or Christian?

My prediction, as stated on previous articles, was that Wrestlemania could have a little WCW influence. So imagine that 28 are current or developmental WWE superstars, four comebacks, three legends and five WCW guys? 

What do you guys think? Please comment below.