Lions-Packers: Week Two Review

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2008

First off, let me make this clear: This review is from a Lions fan's point of view.

Now that that's out of the way, where to begin?

Game Scoring Summary

The game started off with a 21-point lead for the Packers, with all three scores coming through the air from Aaron Rodgers. Soon after the "Fire Millen!" chants echoed Ford Field and the Boo Birds were out and active. Then the Lions got three straight field goals from Jason Hanson. Going into the fourth quarter the score was Green Bay 24, Detroit 9.

A quick 38-yard pass from Jon Kitna to Calvin Johnson cut it to an eight-point deficit, and then a Packers safety and another touchdown pass to Johnson gave the Lions a one-point lead, 25-24. From then on out it was all Packers.

Mason Crosby then nailed a field goal and Jon Kitna threw an interception, which turned into a touchdown run by Brandon Jackson. When the Lions got the ball back, Kitna threw another pick that was returned for a touchdown. After that, Detroit got the ball back and Kitna did the same thing again: interception returned for six.

The final score was 48-25, even though the Lions were winning 25-24 with 5:18 left in the game.

Lions' Secondary

This was definitely not the best game from the Lions' defensive backs. They allowed three touchdown passes from Aaron Rodgers and several deep passes. When the game was on the line, they did perform well; I'll give them that.

They definitely didn't account for Greg Jennings at all, as he made six catches for 167 yards. Rodgers completed 24 of 36 passes. That is way too many for a quarterback making his second career start.

Jon Kitna

Get him out of here! Even though the stats say he threw two TD passes, I'm not giving him credit. Both were five-yard slants to Calvin Johnson, and on both the "Megatron" made all the defenders miss.

The three interceptions in crunch time just don't cut it. After the two touchdowns to CJ, Kitna tried to force a pass over the top to him and it was easily picked off. The next two picks were just simply disgusting.

His final stats say 21/41, 276 yards, two TD's, and three interceptions. He really was 21/41, 199 yards, zero touchdowns, and three interceptions.

Lions' Offensive Play Calling

Okay, so the Lions draft a 6'5" receiver and never throw to him. For half the game Calvin Johnson was be wide open somewhere on the field, but Kitna would rather throw to Furrey, McDonald, or Fitzsimmons to get five yards, at most.

Roy Williams also needs to be involved in the offense. He only caught three passes, although those did go for 48 yards. When they finally decided to throw to Johnson he caught two touchdown passes and made multiple defenders miss.

The Lions go to San Francisco next week, and I really hope that they can win that. If not, chalk up the first overall pick.

Green Bay plays at Lambeau versus Dallas next week. They'll have a problem there. I see Dallas winning that.