Ink in the Ring: Top 10 Best Wrestlers Tattoos

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2011

Ink in the Ring: Top 10 Best Wrestlers Tattoos

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    There are many different characteristics of a wrestler in any company.

    It could be speed, technical ability, mic skills, heat or any other trait that is known in wrestling. I am here to bring up another one of these ability's. The look.

    Probably one of the more important of them all. A wrestler must look his part, otherwise his role just won't work out.

    Now, the look isn't all about tattoos, but come on, some of them are just plain awesome.


10. The Undertaker

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    I know, of all The Undertaker's tattoos you might ask why I choose this one. Well, there were a lot to choose from, but this one stands out to me for two reasons.

    The first is the main reason why I will never get a girlfriends name tattooed on my body. If it ends—your screwed—which is where Taker is at now, although I highly doubt anybody will give him any crap about it.

    The second one would have to be the pain threshold. 

    I don't know it personally, but I bet getting a tattoo on your neck has got to hurt like hell.

9. The Rock

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    So this one is kind of old and since then he has added more to it.

    I picked this one because this is where I would have stayed at, the whole covering the man boob thing doesn't really appeal to me, but like the Undertaker, I am not going to tell him it looks stupid.

    The other reason I choose him was because of the Brahma Bull tattoo. Talk about love for the business. To get something tattooed on yourself because of what you were made into in a business is totally BA.

8. Randy Orton

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    Okay, so I picked this one solely on being biased. Sorry, but I love the tribal type tattoos. It is awesome, though.

7. Batista

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    I couldn't find a picture of all his tattoos, but Batista is on here for all of them.

    The sun thing on his belly button, the BA one on his arm—they all rule.

6. Bam Bam Bigalow

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    Any man that has the cajones to tattoo his head deserves a spot on this list.


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    We can't forget the ladies on this list.

    Lita has a bunch of them and always had the extreme look to make them all work.

4. Brock Lesnar

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    I know Lesnar is not technically a wrestler anymore, but still, Brock's tattoos were cool. The sword on his front and the...umm, whatever that is on his back, looks cool.

3. Rey Mysterio

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    An entire outline of a spine. That just screams awesomeness. Can you imagine how long that took?

2. CM Punk

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    All of CM Punk's tatoos say one thing to me. Balls.

    A guy who got a Pepsi logo just because all his friends were getting beer logos, not to mention the "DRUG FREE" on his knuckles. Yeah, that takes a pair.

1. Rey Mysterio

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    Finally, the No. 1 slot. I know I put him on here earlier, but Rey deserves the top spot for his front tattoos.

    Heritage and religion. Something that takes mucho marbles to do.