Could Tony Romo Already Be Better than Troy Aikman?

tee polkAnalyst IJanuary 3, 2008

The Cowboys have always been known for their quarterbacks such as Staubach, Meredith and Aikman.

But now there is a new rising star making a name for himself at the QB position, and his name is Tony Romo.

Romo has been putting up some impressive numbers for the Cowboys in his past two seasons as the starter—but the question on everyone's mind is if Romo is better or will be better that Aikman.

You can speculate that Aikman had a better team with Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin when they won three Super Bowls. But that team had talent all around from defense to offense. In Romo's case, he is making a name for himself using his strong arm and the talent that is surrounding him, which makes him special.

Romo is better than Aikman, because of what he does on the field with his agility and quickness—something Aikman didn't have during his tenure as Cowboy quarterback. And look at all the records that Aikman held that Romo is breaking in only two seasons as the Cowboys' QB.

Romo is only missing a playoff victory and Super Bowl ring—then he will be one of the best players in Cowboys history.

Romo is a great talent in this league, and the world needs to know that he can be better than what he is right now.  But with players like Owens, Whitten, and Barber on offense, the sky's the limit with this kid.

The Cowboys went 13-3 this season, and it wasn't because they played great defense or offense—but rather because Romo put this team on his back and wanted everyone to forget about last season in the playoffs. And you can look to the comeback wins the Cowboys had this season against the Lions and Bills—they were all lead by Romo.

Aikman is a legend and Hall of Famer, but simply can't do what Romo has done for the Cowboys. Don't get me wrong, I like Aikman because he won Super Bowls for the Boys—which is all good. But in all honesty, he was only as good as his supporting cast unlike Romo.

Say what you want, but Romo is the future of the franchise and will make everyone remember his name and talent in pursuit of greatness—something the Cowboys haven't seen in years.

So who's better Romo or Aikman?