Isaac's Info: A Complete Blow Out

Isaac FishCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2008

Before the game

Yesterday September 13th, 2008 the Ohio State Buckeyes number 5 played the U.S.C. Trojans number 1.

I'm going to take you before the game, the 1st quarter,the 2nd quarter,halftime, the 3rd quarter, the 4th quarter, after the game and my thoughts of how to make this a better game.

On Friday Jim Tressel said that Bennie Wells will not be playing today because he dose not want him to get hurt again and he wants him healthy for the rest of the season. Bennie said he begged Tressel to play him on Friday and before the game yesterday and he even said he would beg him at halftime.

Tressel also said he would play Terrelle Pryor in the first few series and depending on how he dose is going to affect the whole game.  Tressel also said that he wants him to pass more because he is no Troy Smith.

Todd Boeckman said "We lost alot of respect because we have lost the last 2 national championships so we need to earn that respect back and win alot of games".

Mike Sanchez said "Coach Carrol says this season is going to be fun but you have to work for it and you will get alot respect but we have to concentrate".  He also said "It is great being behind Matt Leinart and John David Booty".

People all around were saying this is like a bowl game because of the rankings.

So U.S.C. wins the toss so they wanted to get the ball at the next half.  They kick it off to begin the game.

1st Quarter

 Boeckman starts for the Buckeyes and  Sanchez starts for U.S.C.

The Trojans  come out strong and only give the Buckeyes 4 yards.  But the Buckeyes come out strong and only gave up 1 yard.

Tressel puts Pryor in and he marches up the field and O.S.U. kicks a Field goal to begin the game.  After that the Trojans march up the Field and score a touchdown.  It's not off to a great start for the Buckeyes.

At the end of the first quarter the score is Buckeyes 3 Trojans 7.


2nd Quarter

U.S.C. comes back down the field and scores and makes it 3 to 14. 

The Buckeyes get the ball and march all the way down the field with half of Bockman and half of Pryor.  They get to the 20 yard line and throw it to the 5 but the Referees throw a flag and so the Buckeyes lose a down on the play and so the go for the long touchdown!  But the refferes call a tickey tackey call and Ohio State has to kick a long feild goal and they miss.  My brother Jacob said "I expect the same calls for U.S.C.".

My Dad said "They have to keep pryor in or they will lose this game".  I think my Dad should be a sports announcer because right after that Bockman threw an interception and U.S.C. scored to make it 3 to 21. 

The Buckeyes defense needs to step up and starts tackling it does not look like last years defence.  There offence has got to improve.  

The score a the half is Buckeyes 3 trogans 21


Wells was running in to the locker room so he could at least got a few yards.

I hope that Bennie talks to coach in the locker room and coach says it's ok for him to play.

I hope that Tressel gave them a nice long talk in the locker room and it would not be a nice one.  Tressel needs to have a talk with Boeckman.

3rd Quarter

The Trojans keep trying to pick a fight.  

James Laurinaitis  made a tackle and I think that was his only for the game.  That is not good and if they keep it up they wont win any games this year.  

The Trojans scored to make it 3 to 28.  Another touchdown 3 to 35.  I can't believe it the Ohio State deffence is not looking good at all.

The score is Buckeyes 3 Trojans 35.

4th Quarter

This game is not looking good at all and the Buckeyes can't do any thing about it now it's too late.

To begin the 4th quarter the Buckeyes are now starting to tackle.

Pryor was doing great and Tressel put Boeckman in and he threw an interception.

Pryor is finally put in when we out in our cupcake players.

the Trojans are going for 4th down and Sanchez runs backwards and O.S.U. gets a sack for the first time. 

Tressil calls timeout why wast your time.  

looks like Pete Carrol will get the gatorade bath and no one will be getting the sweater vest wet tonight.

The final score Buckeyes 3 Trojans 35.


After The game

When ever the referees threw a flag I would get so nevrous they took the touchdown away from Ohio State.

Kirk Herbstreit said Ohio State's reputation is at steak. 

My brother got really mad last night.

He said Jim Tressel and his offencive and defencive coordinator should be fired.

I don't agree with that at all.  But what I do agree with him on is that they lost alot of recruits.

My Thoughts On The Game

I think that Jim Tressel needed to play Pryor alot more.  If that coaching continues they will not win games this year.  just wait until Todd Boeckman graduates. 

I don't understand why Tressel scheduled this game.

Michigan is not the big game anymore because Michigan does not know how to win anymore.  I don't know if the Buckeyes can go to the big game anymore.  they are out if the top ten.

I wish both teams good luck for the rest of the season.

Go Buckeyes







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