Positives To Take From Ohio State's Beatdown Against USC

Scott MilesSenior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2008

Well, it’s barely 12 hours after the “Colossus Collapse at the Coliseum”, as ABC should have called it, and you know what? I’m still fuming. It’s just absolutely embarrassing to watch your team get smoked consistently.

Still, I was able to find some silver linings from Ohio State’s disaster last night against USC. Feel free to add your own below.

         1. The team was able to visit historic LA Coliseum: It’s the only stadium in the world to host two Olympics. Super Bowls have been played there. World Series have been played there. And for most of our Buckeyes, it was probably their first trip to California. I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did watching them.

      2. USC is not in the Big 10: Neither is Florida or LSU. This fact cannot be stated enough.

      3. All the pressure is off for the rematch next year: Think that game’s going to be hyped as much as this one? We’ll be lucky if it’s shown on ESPN 12.

      (This would have been a ripe place to insert a Big Ten Network joke, but since they came to an agreement with Time Warner three weeks ago, more than nine percent of households in the Midwest get it now.)

      USC will come to Columbus as 17-point favorites.

      4. We don’t have to worry about a national title game loss this year: Or probably for the next four or five years to come, because that's how long it will take to restore national credibility. A one-loss Ohio State team this year will finish lower than a three-loss MAC team in the final BCS standings.

      5. Beanie Wells should be nice and rested for our tough two-game stretch against Troy and Minnesota: Although it should be noted that Troy’s nickname is also the Trojans, which means Todd Boeckman might panic and try a few more left-handed throws. Meanwhile, the Golden Gophers barely escaped at home against Montana State, who lost 69-10 to Kansas State the week before. Gotta love Big 10 football right now.

      6. We’re still better than Michigan: And that’s why this can still be a successful season. Bludgeoning the Wolverines in the ‘Shoe will be pretty cathartic for the Buckeye state.