Chicago Cubs, Could It Be???

Zack JohnsonContributor IOctober 17, 2016

Could this year be the year for the Chicago Cubs? Could the Chicago Cubs finally win the World Series to cut off the 100 year drought? That's what everyone else is wondering as well. Cubs breezed through the first 4 months of the season, but it comes down to September. And the Chicago Cubs are struggling to get through. Luckily the Milwaukee Brewers are losing as well, or else this race will be much closer than it already is. Right now when I am writing this article the Cubs are 5 1/2 games ahead of the Brewers with only 13 games left of the season. Zambrano and Harden both were hurt/rested for almost 2 weeks. Could that be the reason for being cold in the month of September?

The first month of baseball the Cubs started out rocky, and the Brewers took first place right away. But as the months pass the Cubs were unbeatable. Until the month of June or July the Cubs did not have more than a two game losing steak. Every series they played they won. At home they are unbeatable, on the road is another story. The Cubs acquired Jim Edmonds, which everyone thought he was going to be a dud. But he proved himself, coming through to many clutch situations. The Cubs have some great prospects that played up for awhile, Micah Hoffpauer.(bad spelling) They also got a steal from the Athletics. Rich Harden, his first 5 starts he had over 10 strikeouts each game. Zambrano is having a great season yet again. And Dempster is pitching a remarkable season. Our hitting is one of the best in the league and has stayed pretty consistent.

But as of late the tables have turned. In the first few weeks of September, the home record has sort of took a dive, and the road record got a little bit better. Harden has not pitched for almost 2 weeks, and Zambrano just came back from a week disabled. Our beloved Derek Lee has been hitting a poor .230 since the all-star break. Which is horrible for our number 3 so called power hitter. But I am not going to worry, like a true Cubs fan will say. We have still some big series coming up, Mets, the SMOKIN' HOT ASTRO's, and the very close Brewers. Derek Lee, hopefully will come out of his shell and start hitting like the real slugger he is, and maybe the rest of the team too. This will be a tight race and a really good one. Even if the Cubs get to the World Series it is going to be tough. I believe it is going to be against the Angels, they have a ridiculous closer, and also ridiculous hitting. It is going to be an interesting playoffs and not only playoffs but an interesting couple of weeks of September.

My hopeful prediction is Cubs VS Angels, World Series. 7th game, at Angles stadium, Harden pitching a no-hitter to the 8th inning and Kerry Wood comes in to get the save. Cubs win 3-0, Chicago will be having a parade for weeks, and there will be joy running through all over the city, even in U.S. Cellular.