Italian Grand-Prix: Sebastian Vettel has Historic First Win for Torro Rosso

Adam PooleAnalyst ISeptember 14, 2008

In a sensational win, the Torro Rosso of Sebastian Vettel was first across the line at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Vettel, who surprised everyone yesterday in a fantastic qualifying session, started todays race in Pole position.  The race, that was forecast to be dry, was run in terrible conditions to start with, and started behind the Safety Car.

The rain stopped about 19 laps into the race, and by 25 laps all the cars had changed from the "Extreme Wets" to the "Intermediate" Bridgestone tires.  The Torro Rosso, which still has the "DNA" of the Minardi's stuck to the track and Vettel, who has now become the youngest Formula One race winner, drove it home, with very few mistakes.  The 21-year-old described his win as "the best day of my life."

Elsewhere on the grid, Lewis Hamilton pulled back after a terrible qualifying session on Saturday where he didn't manage to do any better that 15th, today, he finishes one place behind Felipe Massa, who started the race in sixth.  Massa finished the race sixth and Lewis in seventh, both scoring minor points.  Lewis Hamilton is now just one point ahead of Massa in the championship standings and called this race "damage limitation." 

Hamilton looked poor in the first stint of the race, but pulled back a massive amount of time and a number of positions around lap 22 and 23.  The McLaren team had planned on Lewis "one-stopping" and all was going well until the track dried out and he was forced to pit again after 'cooking' the extreme wets and having to change to Intermediates.

Kovelienen, was the most constant of drivers, starting on the front row, and finishing in the same, second position.

Up and coming BMW driver, Robert Kubica had another good weekend and finished the race, in third position, the Pole drove an uneventful race, but nonetheless a clean drive and a well deserved podium position.

This weekend has been a fantastic one for Geahard Bherger and his Torro Rosso team, Sebastian Vettel made very few errors in the race today, and managed to fit two pit stops in and still pull away with the win, the car looked very strong in the corners and kept a great pace down the straights.  On the down side for the team, Vettel's teammate, Bourdais, only managed nineteenth position.

In a very strange weekend in Formula One, the final standings at the Formula One Italian Grand Prix 2008 were:

1.  VETTEL        Toro Rosso    

2.  KOVALAINEN    McLaren       +12.5s

3.  KUBICA        BMW           +20.4s

4.  ALONSO        Renault       +23.9s

5.  HEIDFELD      BMW           +27.7s

6.  MASSA         Ferrari       +28.8s

7.  HAMILTON      McLaren       +29.0s

8.  WEBBER        Red Bull      +32.0s

9.  RAIKKONEN     Ferrari       +39.4s

10. PIQUET        Renault       +54.4s

11. GLOCK         Toyota        +58.8s

12. NAKAJIMA      Williams      +1m02.0s

13. TRULLI        Toyota        +1m05.9s

14. ROSBERG       Williams      +1m08.6s

15. BUTTON        Honda         +1m13.3s

16. COULTHARD     Red Bull      +1 lap

17. BARRICHELLO   Honda         +1 lap

18. BOURDAIS      Toro Rosso    +1 lap

19. SUTIL         Force India   +2 laps

Ret  FISICHELLA    Force India   +41 laps

Next week sees the first ever Formula One night race at Singapore, a full track review and predictions will appear over the next few days, so keep an eye out for this.