WWE PG Here To Stay? Linda McMahon Reportedly Eyeing Another Run for Office

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIJanuary 16, 2011

World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon
World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahonMark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images

One complaint that almost any old-school professional wrestling fan will moan about is the new PG direction from World Wrestling Entertainment.

Although is makes sense considering the sponsorship and exposure opportunities of their sports entertainment product, most people directly tied it into Linda McMahon‘s campaign.

Despite losing her election to Richard Blumenthal for a Senate seat in Connecticut in the United States of America; the company has yet to steer away from the family-oriented programming “The Worldwide Leader in Sports Entertainment” has been producing.

However, is there a motive behind it if it indeed surrounded McMahon's Senate run?

According to a report from The Wrestling Globe Newsletter, political bloggers in Connecticut claim that Linda McMahon, wife of WWE owner Vince McMahon and former WWE CEO, is holding discussions with the Republican Senatorial about making yet another run for public office.

The report notes that Linda will be giving a keynote speech on Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011 at a Republican Party function in Fairfield, which will be her first high-profile public appearance since losing her election in November of 2010.

It was initially believed that McMahon, who spent an estimated $50 million on her campaign against Blumenthal, would take a break from politics, but it appears as if she is considering diving right back into the mixture.

This news is sure to make the hardcore "Attitude Era" fan base, that believes the PG era is linked to McMahon's election, sure to groan.


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