Dreaming: Pro Wrestling Dream Matches Fans Never Got To See

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 16, 2011

Dreaming: Pro Wrestling Dream Matches Fans Never Got To See

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    Guess whose back? Hello Creatures, Rize here with a very intriguing slideshow to say the least. Before I get started, I would like to apologize for the tardiness of his slideshow. I’ve been working on multiple articles/slideshows lately and I wanted to make sure this one is released first.

    Don’t worry, the Kurt Angle and Rock slideshows are on the way.

    I’m also planning two different CvC competitions and the topics will inspire the majority. Trust me, you don’t want to be out of the box on this one.

    With all of that aside, I bring you pro wrestling dream matches. I decided to end my limitations and expand to every major company. WCW, TNA, WWE, and ROH will all be featured in this one. The majority will be from the WWE.

    While I can’t speak for others, there have been numerous matches that I’ve looked forward to. For some strange reason, problems, or injuries tend to ruin my expectations.

    With that being said, let’s begin the slideshow.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan

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    Let’s start things off big shall we? The Rattlesnake vs. The Hulkster is perhaps the best feud never to happen for the WWE. Both men ruled as the poster boy for the company for a number of years. Hogan revolutionized pro wrestling in the 80s. Austin returned the WWF to prominence by ushering in the Attitude Era.

    Hulk Hogan teased the possibility of this match years ago on an episode of RAW. Problem is, nothing ever came to fruition. Let’s dig a little deeper in history shall we?

    I’m positive we all remember when The Rock faced Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania X8. Well, most of you may not know, but Austin was originally set to take on Hogan that night. Problems arose when Hogan and Austin couldn’t agree to a finish.

    Instead, Austin defeated Scott Hall and The Rock beat Hogan.

    The real question is who would win this match?

    Both men, one on one, during the height of both their careers, who would win this match?

    That’s a tough one so I’ll let you decide.

The Undertaker vs. Sting

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    Yeah, I went there. Darkness Creatures and what two men epitomized the darkness more than Undertaker and Sting. The Franchise of WCW vs. The Phenom of the WWE. Who wouldn’t be interested?

    Both men made their pro wrestling debuts in the late 80s. Unlike Hogan and Austin, these men have yet to cross paths. The possibility of this match ever happening has been slim from the start.

    But we can dream can’t we?

    The one thing that set’s this match in a different category from others is the similarities in their gimmicks. Both characters were displayed as if they’d arisen from the dead. Sting’s gimmick was obviously influenced by 1992 film, The Crow.

    Undertaker's more than likely sprouted from the evil genius known as Vince McMahon.

    The ultimate WWE vs. WCW match.

    I’m positive this match would’ve happened had Sting joined the WWE after WCW ended.

    But, who would win?

The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels

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    Boy, this match should’ve occurred on numerous occasions. For some strange reason, the timing wasn’t right or Creative just didn’t like the idea. When The Rock was becoming a huge star, Shawn was going into retirement. I doubt if fans would’ve wanted a Rocky Maivia vs. Shawn Michaels match.

    While a match is completely out of the question, these men have crossed paths before. The Rock took on Triple H in a match for the WWF Championship on Smackdown. Michaels was the guest referee and cost Rock the match after SCM.

    All on the first episode of Smackdown.

    Michaels would ref more Triple H/Rock matches but was unbiased in each.

    When Shawn returned to the WWE in 2002, Rock was on his way out.  They encountered each other during their feuds with Brock Lesnar and Triple H but besides that, nothing ever came of the potential feud.

    The Rock is the only MAJOR WWE Superstar Michaels has never faced.

    Makes you wonder eh?

CM Punk vs. Tyler Black

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    What about a little ROH? By the time Black made it to ROH, Punk was already in the WWE, competing on its ECW Brand. The former ROH World Champions are two of the world’s greatest wrestlers. Thing is, the two have yet to cross paths.

    For now.

    Highlighted in the Indies before joining the WWE, Black and Punk are two of a kind. Fans often compare the careers of both men but Punk’s reign as ROH Champion ended prematurely because of his signing with the WWE.

    The same thing occurred with Tyler Black. Both men also teased taking the ROH World title with them to the WWE.

    It’s hard to ignore the numerous similarities.

    Unlike the others, this match could happen down the line. Black is in FCW and will undoubtedly make his TV debut later this year.  Punk’s already on the main roster, just waiting for Tyler to enter his show.

    I would’ve preferred this match in ROH though.

Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle

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    The Excellence of Execution vs. the Olympic Gold Medalist! The thought of this match gives me chills. Unlike all the others, there was never a chance of this match happening. But once again, we can dream can’t we?

    When Angle officially debuted in the WWE in 1999, Bret was in WCW and a year away from retirement.

    As Bret hung up the boots, Kurt Angle became an international Superstar and even slid his name in the greatest ever conversation.

    Both men have the amateur wrestling background, the accolades, and the ankle lock and sharpshooter. In their prime, this match would’ve been one of the best ever.

    Despite all of this, I can’t decide a winner.

    Can you?

The Big Show vs. Andre The Giant

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    I’m not going to speak on this match much. Yes, it will never happen because of the time and Andre’s passing. These men are two of the most physically imposing superstars ever. A normal ring wouldn’t be able to hold a top rope suplex on the other.

    Big Show vs. Andre.

    Who wins?

Batista vs. Brock Lesnar

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    These are two of the most powerful men in WWE History. What’s not to like about this match? Let’s say Batista is in his prime. After his exit from Evolution and he’s the face of the company with John Cena. On the other hand, let’s say it’s after Wrestlemania XIX.

    Weeks after Lesnar beat Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship in a phenomenal match.

    This match would be one of the biggest draws ever.

    One thing to remember is that these men took on each other during their time in Ohio Valley Wrestling. It was the WWE’s developmental territory and no wrestling fan knew who Lesnar and Batista were.

    Batista Bomb vs. the F-5.

    What a match this would be.

Evan Bourne vs.Daniel Bryan

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    This match gives me chills. Why? Because of every one listed, it’s going to happen sooner or later. Daniel Bryan may be the greatest wrestler in the world but don’t write off Evan Bourne. Bourne’s flashy moveset and incredible athleticism makes him one of the most talented wrestlers in the WWE.

    If my memory serves me right, these men wrestled in Ring of Honor at the same time. I don’t think these men ever faced one another.  That’s a mistake by ROH that the WWE could capitalize on upon Bryan’s return.

    High flying vs. technical.

    If the WWE would book even correctly, this match could propel Bourne and Bryan to the main event card.

    Even if they don’t, I’m behind any angle that will eventually lead to this match.

John Morrison vs. AJ Styles

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    Thanks to Jesus Rocha for the picture
    Thanks to Jesus Rocha for the picture

    I’m not even going to speak on this match. But I will say this.

    AJ has criticized Morrison in the past. Stating that Morrison tends to steal moves from others. Styles' comments would be the perfect spark for a perfect match.

    Question is who would win?

    I may be one of Morrison’s biggest fans but I would definitely give this one the phenomenal AJ Styles.

Worth Mentioning

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    I would also favor the following matches. Problem is, they’re not appealing to me. Perhaps it’s because of the similarities between the wrestlers.

    Austin vs. Orton: Viper vs. Rattlesnake. Orton say’s this is his dream match.

    Cena vs. Rock: Cena’s wanted this match for a while and feels Rock used the WWE as a stepping stone.

    Kaval vs. Rey Mysterio: Mysterio pushed for Kaval’s debut in early 2008. An injury killed the storyline and Kaval’s treatment by management led to him leaving the WWE.

    Bourne vs. Kaval: Should've happened, but the same reason as above.

    Kazarian vs. Dolph Ziggler: Battle of companies' brightest young stars.

    Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar: Could've happened but Lesnar’s move to Smackdown prevented it.

    Brock Lesnar vs. Sheamus: Battle of WWE’s fastest rising Superstars.