The Stale Main Event Scene: Why It Needs To Be Refreshed

The Bleacher Report AssassinContributor IJanuary 16, 2011

Notice the same people in the poster?
Notice the same people in the poster?

Good tidings, Bleacher Reporters and readers. It has been almost a week since my last article and I think I have found a nice topic for us all to discuss. After watching Raw and Smackdown, I came to a realization: Often, the members ICW are complaining that the main event scene has gotten "stale" and I thoroughly agree.

But why do we think this way? The main reason is because the same ol' Cena's, Orton's and Undertaker's challenging for the world titles. Every PPV see's either John Cena or Orton challenging or defending the world title. Have you noticed that since Summerslam, Randy Orton has been in a WWE Title match at every PPV, not to mention having 10 World Title matches out of the 13 PPV's over 2010.

He's already getting a good start this year by having a title match at the Royal Rumble. I am far from an Orton basher—quite frankly, I think he is one of the best in the business—but the fact that he has been in the title picture for that long has gotten me worried. Why couldn't John Morrison have used his WWE Title shot to face The Miz at the Rumble? WWE doesn't need a "draw" when it comes to the Royal Rumble, because the main event does that all on its own.

A problem I have with the Smackdown rosters at the current time is that they have a lack of face Superstars.

On the face side we have the World Champion Edge, a man who is one knee injury away from retirement in Rey Mysterio, a giant who is used to completely strip away any momentum a heel has gathered in the form of the Big Show, and finally, the legend who is, in my opinion, one fall to the ground away from retirement in the Undertaker. Where is the back up once Edge loses his title and uses up his rematch clause?

Smackdown is crowded with heels and I am getting tired of the repetitive world title matches with the same faces. Let some of the young faces build up, like Trent Barretta who gave a good showing against McIntyre on the latest Smackdown edition, or pull some switches and have Jack Swagger turn face. For me, Kofi Kingston could be the next big face on Smackdown, but creative doesn't want to give him a chance.

Raw almost has the same story, yet they haven't pushed much heels either. They have the two biggest faces of the company on Raw in the form of Randy Orton and John Cena. With these two as the major faces, there is little to no hope for the young stars. John Morrison has been given a chance to shine as of late, and is now considered upper- mid card/main event tier, but he's not fully there yet.

There is just one dark shadow that stands in his way: Triple H. "The Game" is expected to make his return soon, meaning Raw will have three main baby faces and when HHH returns, I see Morrison falling back to the mid-card. There is plenty of faces that can also be pushed, for example, Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne. Both are fantastic Superstars who are deserving of a chance, more so Bourne than Bryan who is still quite new in the company.

As for heels on Raw, we have three main heels: The Miz, Sheamus and CM Punk. I like these three as the main heels, because it gives some difference to the title scene. Punk has all the ground covered, though. He is godly on the mic and fantastic in the ring. If it were up to me, he would win the Royal Rumble, which he still could do.

Each of these guys are pretty young and could easily lead us into the next generation, so let's hope nothing bad happens to them. A heel on Raw I am high on is Tyson Kidd. I think he hasn't been given much time to show us his true potential, and with a US Title match against Daniel Bryan almost certain to happen, we could see the making of a new star. 

With that being said, Bleacher Reports and Readers, I ask you for your opinions on the stale main event scene. Would you like to see some fresh faces in the title hunt, and who? Cheers for the read.