Ohio State Buckeyes Should Take a Note from WVU

RyanCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2008

I am a Buckeye fan, tried and true—on my way down to New Orleans to see the game.

After watching WVU last night and the passion with which they played, I can only hope my Buckeyes will play with that much love for the game.

I think WVU became America's team last night. What an amazing thing—to watch some absolutely great kids persevere and put the game—and the team—above all the ditractions.

First, they had a selfish coach, who walked out on them when you needed him most. Then, the same guy tries to get out of what he owes the University. Finally, he leaves the kids high and dry before the bowl game.

Little did we know, but it made them a better football team—and one who found a coach that will be there for them until the war is over.

I have nothing but the uttmost respect for WVU, and the way they have dealt with all the distractions. I was one of the doubters who thought that they would be unable to bounce back from the coaching debacle. I also believed that they just wouldn't have any desire or heart left.

Boy, was I completely wrong. 

Those men came out and played with a fire I wish we saw in every college football game. When faced with adversity, a program can do one of two things—crawl into a hole and die, or get up off the turf, become a team, and don't hold anything back.

WVU chose the high road, and played with the passion and joy of kids playing in the street. 

I think what WVU did in this game is the story of the year. I want to express thanks to the fans and players from West Virginia—you have inspired me to be a better fan. I am a Buckeye, like I said before—but I will make a point to watch WVU and root for them.

Hopefully, next year the Mountaineers will be in the situation my team is in now—playing for a National Championship.

I can tell you this—Bill Stewart is all class, and WVU is much better off without the wolf in sheep's clothing. (By the way: Good luck, Michigan—you will get exactly what you deserve in Rich Rod, and I hope you enjoy it.)

Lastly, no matter what happened or what was said before the game, know this Mountaineer fans—you have added me as a fan of your inspirational football team.

Go Mountaineers! Go Bucks!