Jets vs. Patriots: NFL Has Had Enough With the Divisional Trash Talk

Brandon LopezContributor IJanuary 15, 2011

Antonio Cromartie grabbing Julian Edelman around the neck
Antonio Cromartie grabbing Julian Edelman around the neckAl Bello/Getty Images

This season, the NFL has been cracking down on a lot of on the field activities. They have issued numerous fines and suspensions for illegal hits and flagrant penalties.

The recent excitement between the New York Jets v. New England Patriots game isn't generally about the game itself, but the trash talking that has been going back and forth.

The league issued a statement warning the teams to keep the trash talk off the field.

I understand the NFL's concern with this issue, because the Jets and Patriots hate each other, and if players are trying to knockout other players that they don't have an issue with, imagine what they will try to do to someone they hate. If there is one questionable hit after this game, the NFL will just think that all hits were intentional because they have been talking trash all week.

Take this for example: If Antonio Cromartie comes around the corner and catches Tom Brady with a helmet-to-helmet tackle, you can almost guarantee that Cromartie will get either a large fine and/or a suspension. The league will just look at the history between these two and not even ask questions before making a decision.

The trash talk and hate between teams is usually high around this time of year, but the Jets-Patriots have taken it to another level. This game might have also earned more viewers than expected because of this. 

If this magnitude of trash talk continues between teams I will expect the NFL to crackdown on those kind of comments and start handing out fines. Much like they cracked down on Twitter comments on and off the field. 

I know most fans love the trash talk, but the "No Fun League" might start showing its ugly head soon. If they don't like end zone celebrations there is no way they will tolerate more trash talk if this escalates.