Tyler Black: The Silent Assassin

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

Once in awhile, a wrestler will appear seemingly out of nowhere with an uncanny ability to perform in the ring.  They're usually few and far between, but right now, Ring of Honor has found one.  His name is Tyler Black. 

Associated with The Age of the Fall, Black is quite possibly the best all around wrestler on the entire team.  He has speed, grappling, chain wrestling, and power moves.  He has the uncanny ability to adapt to styles, as seen in his matches against "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson and he knows how to keep the audience entertained.

Now, someone like Tyler Black has many possibilities in his career, seeing as he's still very young.  Black can continue to work the independent scene with Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and Full Impact Pro and continue to hone his skills.  He can try to land a job with Total Nonstop Action or the WWE, but neither one of them would push him properly or in a deserving way. 

But let's say that he did get picked up by the WWE.  Many people would think that someone like Tyler Black wouldn't fit into the WWE style, but I think that he would be a perfect fit, if the story is done right.

Introduce Tyler Black in the middle the World Title feud.  Let's say, for the sake of argument and the fact that these two dominate the main event, John Cena versus Randy Orton.  Have an episode of RAW where Orton gets to hand pick Cena's opponent. 

Introduce The Silent Assassin, Tyler Black.  Black would do no promo or pandering to the crowd.  He would come down to the ring and work John Cena in his own style.  Have the fans see Black take Cena to the limit with the style that Black works.  Run the match for 20 minutes before Cena gets the win.  Have the commentators push the fact that this new guy comes out of nowhere and almost beat one of the top guys on RAW.

If done properly and depending on what city they are in, Black will come off as a major heel.

The next week, have Cena pick an opponent for Randy Orton.  Out comes the Silent Assassin, Tyler Black.  Same thing as the week before, have Black take Orton to the limit in another 20 minute match before Orton gets the win.  This time, Black plays the face and should be able to get over with the audience based on his wrestling style. 

From this moment, have Tyler Black as the hired gun of the company.  Bring him in sparingly to the other brands and use him to punish wrestlers that are messing with the GM, heel or face. 

Work Black through this story long enough until someone hires him to be their tag team partner.  They win the tag titles but Black still has no alliance with anyone and will willfully attack his partner if someone hires him to do so.  Make Black the ultimate tweener as he goes through the roster of any given brand.  Wins and loses won't mean anything for him because he is only used to hurt his opponent for someone else's gain. 

Eventually, have Black approach the GM and demand a World Title match.  The GM refuses for one reason or another and have Black go off the deep end.  He begins attacking the main eventers during their matches at the end of the night.  He lays them all out by any means necessary and claims that he is no longer for hire and that no one can reign him in. 

Have Black continue to disrupt the main events until the GM gives him what he wants.  If done right, the audience will be behind him 100 percent because of his work ethic.  He could do no wrong, much like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Jericho.  Have this be the story where he wins the title and someone with a credible wrestling background will be holding the belt. 

Then the new question arises, "Who can beat Tyler Black?"  The fans would pay to see him wrestle and also to watch him lose.  He would be the most marketable champion, as he would have the quality of both a face and a heel.

Of course, this is all running under the assumption that the WWE could follow a long and drawn out story like this one without scumming to the urge of burying him at some point or people backstage trying to sabotage his entire run. 

I only bring up Tyler Black for a role like this because he has everything that it takes to become a champion in the big leagues.  He has the skill level, the ring psychology, and the looks of a champion.  If he ever gets his shot, something along these lines for a story would be a great way to get him over.