Ladainian Tomlinson vs Adrian Peterson: Who Would You Take?

tee polkAnalyst IJanuary 3, 2008

If you were a GM and needed a running back of the future right now, who would you go with for your team: Adrian Peterson or Ladainian Tomlinson?

That is a tough question to answer, because you would be getting the best of both worlds with both backs.

Tomlinson is a proven winner, but Peterson has found success from his days at Oklahoma as a freshman all the way back to his high school days, when he was a Parade All-American.

Tomilnson is the most featured back in the league, because of his ability to break tackles and follow his blocks.

There is no better back in the NFL with regard to those qualities.

It's what Tomlinson excels at—and what's more, L.T. knows how to play. Tomlinson understands how to get into the end zone, whether by rushing, receiving, or even passing.

Tomlinson is making his mark all over this league—including last year when he won the MVP award, and rushed for a record 28 touchdowns.

But if there is one back in the league that could potentially take that record away, it may just be Peterson. 

Peterson is a very special young player. He is a very physical runner who loves to absorb contact in the open field—so defenders beware when they see #28 carrying the rock.

He set NFL records in his rookie season by rushing for 1341 yards and 12 touchdowns—all while in a backup role most of the season.

But what makes this kid specal is his desire to make a name for himself like he did at Oklahoma. Peterson was great at the college level, and now as a rookie in the NFL he has already risen to the same level.

These guys are the best there is, and I see the future getting even brighter for both of them.

Tomlinson needs to get beyond the first round of the playoffs and win a ring—then he will be at the top of the game, with the likes of Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton.

Peterson has a long way to go in his career, but he will be something special to watch. I see lots of rushing titles and Super Bowl rings in his future. If only he get a quarterback that can run an offense,  A.P. will be a force to be reckoned with in this league.

So—who would you take?