Nexus Version 2.0: Why This New Stable Is Bad For Smackdown

Joel BrandContributor IIJanuary 15, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe we have an epidemic on our hands.  The Nexus virus has spread to Smackdown and is no longer contained to just Raw.  I hope more don't pop up, but I wished the same thing against Starbucks, and look how many there are now.

One of the best things about Smackdown is we haven't had to experience the WWE constantly pushing the Nexus in our faces while somehow not pushing the majority of the people involved in it.  The storyline has been milked more than a cow that is one week away from retirement.  If you thought that pun was bad, it doesn't even compare to how bad I think the Nexus is.  

This elitist stable has been throwing out guys who are unworthy for awhile now with the latest being Wade Barrett, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel.  It appears that these three Superstars were lost at sea and basically just stumbled onto Smackdown like Gilligan did with that island.  Oh by the way, Ezekiel Jackson happened to be chilling in a hammock on the island and decided to join their noble cause.   

Wade Barrett did have a short promo where he said that everybody on Raw was gunning for him, because he had too much power and was too successful.  There are many other angles and explanations that would have made more sense, like having the original Triple Threat Steel Cage match with Randy Orton and Sheamus have the stipulation of Barrett being kicked off of Raw if he loses.  Another option would have been to have Wade say that he is through with Nexus and wants to move on with a fresh start to start off his solo career.  Either one of these would have been better than the Caesar Augustus line.

Now Wade Barrett looks very weak because not only has he ran away from his problems faster than Usain Bolt's 40-yard dash, but he is now trying to recreate the formula that has worked for him in the past.  Its like the WWE creative team is trying to push Wade Barrett as this prolific leader who has lackeys that will follow him around and not complain that they are being overshadowed.  However, when Barrett is in trouble, they will come and save him, but still get none of the credit.  

So none of these Superstars really win from this angle, but the biggest loser is the fans.  We have to watch four guys beat up one of our beloved faces every week.  These beat downs are the slowest paced, most drawn out and lackluster displays of wrestling I have ever seen.  Each member of the Nexus gets to perform their finisher one after another.  Now I like Justin Gabriel's 450 splash as much as the next guyunless the next guy is Michael Colebut when he has all night to stand on the top turnbuckle, it isn't loses a lot of its shine and is boring.

I have no idea what the WWE has in store for these four guys on Smackdown, but if it is anything like what goes on during Raw, I am already not looking forward to it.  Friday nights were looking so bright with the Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero feud, Kofi Kingston as the new Intercontinental Champion and the 619 continuing to be the guy that everybody roots for (seriously how many articles on this site bash Rey Mysterio. Everybody loves him).  

We could have had Wade Barrett enter the championship scene and continue to be one of the leading wrestlers in the WWE, but now I am worried that he is going to lose all his momentum because people will become disinterested.  This could have been a wonderful opportunity to improve the Smackdown product, but now it has a new stain to deal with.  Well I don't have much to complain about because my favorite wrestler now has gold around his waist (what's up Kofi!).  As for all of this Nexus garbage, Kelly Campbell would sum it up well by saying "It is what it is!"