John Cena: A-Z Trivia on the WWE Golden Boy and Former World Champion

The Jonathan CooneyyCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2011

John Cena: A-Z Trivia on the WWE Golden Boy and Former World Champion

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    John Cena is WWE's biggest star and their ultimate attraction as you all know but just for a little bit of trivial fun I decided to do an A-Z of things related to John Cena.

    If you are a hardcore wrestling fan and come here to check up on some breaking, shocking WWE or TNA news then please just leave now and safe yourself from some fun.

    Thanks for reading, Jonny Cooney.

A: Attitude Ajustment

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    That is John Cena giving Kurt Angle an "Attitude Ajustment"

    This is the name of John Cena's finisher as many of you would know.

    John Cena got the name of his body-slamming finisher after he was put in a feud with then-WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar.

    Brock Lesnar's finsiher was the F-5 and during a rap (obviously during his gimmick as a rapper) he insulted Lesnar's finisher and called his the "FU".

    When the PG Era kicked in John was forced to change the name of the finsiher.

B: Basic Thugonamics

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    Cena has a song on the WWE Originals CD, called "Basic Thugonamics." John also has his own CD, called You Can't See Me.

    "Basic Thugamonics" was John Cena's fifth theme song in the WWE.

    It was all written and performed solely by Cena.

C: College

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    Cena attended Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

    In college he was a Division III All-American center on the college football teamwearing the number 54 which is still used on some of his WWE merchandise.

    He graduated from Springfield in 1998 with a degree in exercise physiology,after which he pursued a career bodybuilding,

D: Dream Match, John Cena Vs. Undertaker

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    Ever since Cena became WWE Champion and got the name "Superman" because of the way he has been booked everyone has deemed John Cena vs. Undertaker as their "dream match."

    Undertakers career is obviously going to be history very soon considering his age, inconsistency and multiple injury problems.

    Sting vs. Taker is some peoples dream match but for me it is... Cena vs. Taker.

    It would be an epic encounter.

E: Edge!

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    John Cena has had and always will have many enemies in the WWE.

    And when you talk about "enemies" and "John Cena"" in the same sentence, one man pops to mind more than anyone else... Edge!

    Edge and Cena have been feuding ever since Cena lost his title because of Edge's Money in the Bank contract stipulation.

    Edge even slapped John Cena's father in the face!

F: Fan Base

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    John Cena has the biggest fan base in the business at the moment.

    Due to John Cena's character and WWE's PG Era, it is no major shock that John Cena has millions of fans world wide.

    Due to Cena's massive popularity, he attracts a major response weekly, whether it is heat or cheers. 

G: Gorilla Like Strength

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    In the above picture it shows John Cena lifting over 725 pounds as he attempts to give The Big Show and Edge an AA.

    That has to be, without doubt, one of the most impressive things I have ever seen any wrestler in the business ever do.

    John Cena is not necessarley a big man. However, when it comes to strength he is freakishly strong.


H: Haters

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    You don't become the face of the company and a multi-millionaire and multi-champion without having a few haters.

    If you think about most successful stars in any business they all have haters.

    John Cena is the most hated man within the Internet Wrestling Community. Maybe, apart from Hulk Hogan, but he is still pretty hated.

    Kehsa (The pop and R&B singer) has sold millions of records and has won numerous awards but people are still finding it hard to believe she is a good singer.

    Does that sound fimilair to you?

I: Injuries

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    I thought it would be funny to put batista as the face of this slide considering all his injury problems and the fact that he was responsible for one of Cena's injuries.

    As we know John Cena is currently injured because of a move that Wade Barrett tried to do on him during a house show, went all wrong.

    John Cena has also had knee injuries, back strains and during the match against the young up and coming Wade Barrett he dangerously injured his hip.

J: Jokes

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    John Cena has come up with a humorous insult for just about everyone in the WWE.

    Sheamus - "I cannot believe I got attacked by you! you are a human jar of mayo, man"

    Vickie Guerrero - "Vickie, you've got so much weight you wake up in different sections"

    Heath Slater - "Have you not got business to attent to in WENDY'S"

    CM Punk - "CM Sucks"

    They're is plenty more but I want to continue with this slide.

K: Kurt Angle

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    John Cena made his television debut answering an open challenge by Kurt Angle in the summer of, 2002.

    Kurt Angle, at the time, was World Champion and it is difficult to say that Angle struggled in the match and had to resort to a roll-up.

    Cena was very impressive in the match and gave Angle his signature ankle lock and Angle Slam as well a possible match-ending DDT.

    John and Kurt also feuded on RAW in 2006 or 07 and Cena again was impressive.

L: Legendary

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    John Cena starred in the film "Legendary." The film was released on September 10, 2010.

    Legendary failed to make the top ten at the box office in its only weekend in wide release, finishing with $200,393 in total.

M: Modern-Day Hulk Hogan

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    John Cena is continuously linked to Hogan.

    In the 1980's Hogan was without a key figure in the industry and maybe even the biggest as himself and the WWE Franchise really put WWE and Pro Wrestling on the map.

    I think Hogan deserves a lot of credit for that and to be honest it does not matter how many people cheer John Cena... He can still not be compared to Hogan in the 80's.

N: Nexus Angle

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    This angle has created so much controversy; Daniel Bryan firing, Steamboat accident, injuries to Cena, Tarver and Sheffield so much creative for more storylines; Ce-Nexus, Punk's Nexus and inclusion of BIG ZEK.

    People also strongly believe that (past and present) Nexus members Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield, Michael McGillicutty, Ezekiel Jackson and one or two more will some day be World Champion.

    With all this going John Cena (unsurprisingly) maintained in the middle of the story of The Nexus!

O: Orange T-Shirts (Merchandise)

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    John Cena’s merchandise numbers for 2008 were the best of anyone in WWE history except Steve Austin during his peak years and Hulk Hogan in the 1980’s.

    Despite people booing Cena, as long as his merchandise is selling like it is, they won’t be turning him heel.

P: Principles

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    Your average everyday man has priciples and WWE try to make their characters as realistic as possible so with tha said, it will come as no major shock that John Cena has principles.

    And he sticks very loyal to them!

    They are to never back down from a fight and if you want some just come get some.

    Other principles would be his "Hustle, Loyality and Respect" motto's.

Q: Queen Sharmell

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    I know the heading of this slide is a little bit distant and less to do with Cena then the rest of them. However, considering the rivalary that took place between Booker and Cena, I thought it would be a clever way to avoid excluding "Q".

    I don't think any of us will forget "The Best of Five Series" between Booker and John Cena. It was very enjoyable and entertaining contest for the US Title.

    John Cena eventually got the better of Booker-T at the No Mercy PPV in 2004.

    The Pair also met in 2006 as Booker-T became "the champion of champions" as he sucessfuly beat Cean (who was WWE Champion) and Big Show (who was ECW Champion) in a three-way match.

R: Romance

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    I now the picture of Taker and McCool maybe a little "corney" but I just thought... why not?

    John Cena and Maria were once a (kayfabe) item in the WWE. However, back in the real world, Cena is married to a girl named Elizabeth.

S: Shockers

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    Despite people hating him (including myself at times) John Cena has never stopped shocking us.

    When he lifted over 725 pounds of Edge and Big Show or When Big Show threw him through won of the lights at Backlash 2009. John Cena has never contributing in shocking moments.

    Other moments include his Royal Rumble win that shocked the world and also his consistency has shocked me over they years among many other things.

T: Temper

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    If any athlete on the current WWE Roster doubts that Cena can really unload then just as one man who felt it all 100%... Darren Young.

    Guys like Michael Tarver, The Rest of Nexus, Randy Orton, Edge and more have felt but most recently and most brutally, Darren Young felt the full effect of John Cena.

    Cena destroyed Darren Young with punches and the AA and then shortly after that a steel chair and steel steps were brought into the equation.

U: Ultimate Achiever

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    John Cena just seems to one title after title in the WWE and before we advance to the next slide, let's just have a quick glance through what he has held in the WWE.

    I find it a little surprising he has never won the Intercontental Championship.

    1 time Rumble winner.

    3 time Tag Team Champion. (David Otunga, Dave Batista and Shawn Michaels)

    2 time Superstar of the year award.

    3 time United States Champion.

    2 time topper of PWI's list of 500 wrestlers of the year.

    9 time World Champion.

V: Versatility

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    Throughout John Cena's career he has worked as a rapper, referee, anouncer, trainer, actor and producer (music terms).

W: WrestleMania Moments

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    Here is a list of just some of John Cena's great WrestleMania moments:

    • Defeating Mr WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels!
    • Winning the US Title from The Worlds Largest athlete.
    • Defeating JBL to win his first WWE Title.
    • Beating both HHH and Randy Orton in one match.
    • Lifting both Edge and Big Show at the same time.
    • Making HHH submit.
    • Cleanly defeating Dave Batista.

X: Xenium

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    Xenium = gift made to a boss guest or ambassador; any compulsory gift.

    John Cena was definitely a very kind gift given to Vince Mc Mahons expanding wallet.

Y: Yokozuna Would Not Be a Problem For Cena

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    Despite his massive size and weight you would quickly assume that he would make bits of a man John Cena's size but the truth is John Cena has defeated big guys his whole career.

    Some may not be as big a Yokozuna but they are still pretty massive.

    The likes of Mark Henry, The Great Khali, Kane, Big Show, Matt Morgan, Batista, JBL and Umaga were just some of the big men Cena has taken on and defeated.

Z: Zappy

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    The Word "zappy" means to be lively and entertaining. Yes, it is a real word.

    John Cena is loved and hated by the same community; wrestling fans. However, week in, week out, this man gives his all for our pleasure and pass time.

    John Cena is currently one of the most entertaining and charismatic athletes in Sport and Entertainment today.