Senior Citzens Let It All Hang Out at the Gym

Mike MuellerContributor IIJanuary 14, 2011

Senior citizens let it all hang out in the gym
Senior citizens let it all hang out in the gymPool/Getty Images

This topic has baffled me for years. It's kind of funny but at the same time really uncomfortable. Why is it that senior citizen's love hanging out naked in the dressing rooms? I’m not sure how it is for the ladies out there but old guys love loafing around in their birthday suits!

I just got done with my workout today and was putting my shoes on when a seasoned veteran came over to me and started talking. Don't get me wrong, he's an awesome guy but it's a little weird talking to him with just his socks on!

To make matters worse, another guy (of course he was naked) then walked over and started talking to that guy and me. I was cornered by two naked guys (one with just his socks on, the other completely nude from head to toe) and had no place to run! Finally after a few awkward moments, the conversation broke up and I was good to go, no longer corralled by a duo of bare-butted bandits!

I think it's just an age thing. I remember when I was in high school; we all used to shower with our swim suits on after basketball games. Today's society loves its privacy, especially when it comes to showers but the older generation loves to let it all hang out!

Every time I go into the gym, I routinely see at least two or three guys getting changed and hanging out in the nude talking about current events. There's something so free about it, yet so wrong. I can't be naked for more than like two seconds. I do the old wrap the towel around, take off the underwear then quickly jump into the shower then do the reverse out.

In a way, I admire the older generation for their free spirit. These guys throw their towels down get right up in your grill and carry on a routine conversation as loose skin (and other stuff) foils your periphery. God gave us one body and we should love and respect it. No one does that better than the old guys at the gym!