Sad State Of Affairs In The World and a Tough Question For Cricket

Ankit MunjalCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

Just want to start off by saying what happened in Delhi, India last night was absolutely disgusting and the current state of the world makes me ashamed to be a human being. God help those people and their respective families that were affected by last night's pointless, merciless bombings. It truly is a sad state of affairs.

Well now with what has happened in India there are bound to be big question marks over the future of the upcoming series between India and Australia.

As everyone reading this probably knows that the Champions trophy in Pakistan was recently postponed due to threats to the cricketers lives, and many Australian players themselves refused to go on tour.

It will be very interesting to see Cricket Australia's stance on the issue now that we're talking about a series against India and vast sums of money on the line for everyone involved.

The BCCI being the financial power that it is in the cricket world today will try and persuade everyone involved that the game must go on, though to be fair the Indian team they did play a series and were more than willing to go and play the Champions trophy in Pakistan, so can not be called hypocritical.

Therefore it is entirely upto the Australian board, I am hoping that the right decision is made, and the game goes on as Cricket is associated with normalcy in India as it is the soul of the country.

These are tough times for the world and cricket as well. If this series was not to go ahead then what countries do we go and play in? Definitely nowhere in the subcontinent then, as there's trouble in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka with the Tamil Tigers.

That leaves Bangladesh not really the strongest side in cricket today. England not entirely safe either, Zimbabwe well the less said about them the better. We aren't left with too many options then are we.

So here's my plea to all involved with cricket let common sense prevail, lets play the beautiful game and show those people hell bent on destruction that the human spirit is stronger than their misplaced beliefs and agendas.