Golden Boy Production will be the worst thing to happen to MMA.

Adam SchoonoverCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

I have never been a big fan of Affliction, but if this deal with Golden Boy Production goes down and they try to make a Boxing/MMA card, I will be their biggest hater.

I will boycott every one of those freak shows. It’s the same thing as trying to watch football/baseball at the same time. They are two differently paced sports that don’t go together.

I don’t put vegetables in my Lucky Charms and I don’t put Boxing in my MMA.

Why, when MMA is on its rocket ship ride to overtaking Boxing as the dominant combat sport in America, would it take a hundred steps back by looking as if it could not survive without Boxing carrying it.

While I don’t feel that boxing will disappear anytime soon (if ever) it is on the decline. MMA pay-per view matches are out right beating boxing in pay-per view sales on a regular basis, losing only to Boxing's last remaining superstars.

This feels like a pathetic thing to do for both Boxing and Affliction. This is a poor attempt by Boxing to get some of their lost glory back while riding MMA's coattails, and by Affliction for showing once again that they don’t know, get, or listen to what MMA fans want.

Affliction would gladly sacrifice all of MMA’s hard earned reputation just to try to hold on to their short lived life.

Look at all the crap that has come out of the boxing community (which includes promoters, athletes, commentators, and fans) and I quote for example: Lou Dibella (boxing promoter), “It has nothing to do with boxing the same way wrestling has nothing to do with boxing ... it’s human cock fighting in my view or, uhm, pit-bull fighting.”

Jim Lampley (boxing commentator), “[It] means nothing ... it's a bar fight ... boxing is a skill that is lightyears beyond anything they have in ultimate fighting.”

Floyd Mayweather: “I feel the guys in UFC couldn’t make it in boxing so they chose the UFC. They fight for, like what, twelve minutes. They fight a street fight for twelve minutes.”

Why should MMA do anything to help Boxing's overpaid pretty boy promoters cash in on their hard work?

Now that they have bled Boxing dry, they are trying to moving into MMA. Can MMA survive if Boxing's corrupt promoters stick their noses in its business?

Sadly I fear for a short time, yes it could, but at a great cost to the sport.

What will Affliction do if this doesn’t work? Have Fedor fight a bear, or maybe have Arlouski jump 19 cheerleaders while wearing roller skates. 

It’s just sad and pathetic.