MLB Playoff Predictions

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

I know it may be too early to pick teams that will make it when there are so many that are not mathematically out of the race yet, but here is my logic.

AL East vs AL Central

Tampa Bay vs White Sox

As of now the White Sox lead the Twins by one game and it is still close. The Sox, however, have a four game set against the Yankees, and three game series against the Royals, Indians, and a crucial one against the Twins.

The Twins have a four game set against the Rays, and three game sets against Baltimore, the Indians, The Royals and of course the White Sox.

In the end I think the Sox will have a 2.5 game lead going into the playoffs.

The Rays will send out Kazmir for game one and they will never look back.

The Rays will take this series 3-1. 


AL West vs AL Wild Card

Angels vs Red Sox

This will probably be the first time all Yankee fans will watch a Red Sox game without them playing the Yankees but for good reason. The Angels should have plenty of rest going into the playoffs and will whip out the broom and take the Red Sox.

I am not making this pick out of hate but the wild card is a close one and it may go down to the last game and I don't see the Sox going straight through into the playoffs still strong.

Angels sweep it 3-0.


NL Central vs NL West

Cubs vs Dodgers

The Dodgers do not play the Diamondbacks anymore so they cant gain serious ground on them so the West should be taken by the Dodgers. The Dodgers may have won the division but that is where it ends. They will put up a minor fight but they will be going home early this year.

Cubs win it 3-1.


NL East vs NL Wild Card

Phillies vs Brewers

Yes, you read right. The Phillies are playing strong and should make it. The Brewers are a shoe in for the Wild Card. The Brewers will be too strong in the first two games with C.C. and Sheets that the Phillies will be demoralized and then pick up the sweep on game three.

Brewers sweep 3-0.



Angels vs Rays

This will be a great match-up between the two teams that have pretty much dominated the American League all year. This series should go all the way to seven but in the end.

Angels win it 4-3.



Brewers vs Cubs

Yet another good match-up between two division teams. They have played each other enough to make it so that it will not be easy and each other will know the players weaknesses and strengths. It will be a hard fought series but in the end I think pitching will entirely win this series.

Brewers win it 4-2.



Brewers vs Angels

The Brewers have pitching but the Angels have hitting. This will be a Goliath vs Goliath series.  The Angels will start out strong but the Brewers wont give up.

Game 1—Angels

Game 2—Angels

Game 3—Angels

Game 4—Brewers

Game 5—Brewers

Game 6—Brewers

Game 7—Angels



In the end the Angels will do what the Yankees could not in '04 but none the less the World Series Champions will be the Angels.


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