Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: Are The Clippers a Better Idea Than The Nets?

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Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: Are The Clippers a Better Idea Than The Nets?
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The Carmelo Anthony Debacle (anyone else think that title is going to stick?) continues to get worse and worse every day: First he says he'll only go to the New York Knicks. Then he gets linked to the New Jersey Nets.

How could Carmelo Anthony continue to sink himself lower and lower?

This whole ordeal pains me in the first place. Carmelo Anthony has been the cornerstone of the Denver Nuggets since he entered the NBA, he's been treated like a king there, and he decides that he wants to ruin in all because...?

Well, I'm still trying to figure that one out. Some say he wants a bigger market. That makes sense. I'm not math major, but I'm fairly sure New York is bigger than Denver.

Some say he wants more money. Allow me to quote Bill Simmons though to help me out with this one:

2004: $3,229,200 
2005: $3,471,360 
2006: $3,713,640 
2007: $4,694,041 
2008: $13,041,250 
2009: $14,410,581 
2010: $15,779,912
2011: $17,149,243

That's how much money the Denver Nuggets have paid Carmelo Anthony: about $75.5 million.

Where do you want Carmelo to end up?

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Now, I'm not terribly familiar with top end NBA contracts, but that's a lot of money.

In any case, though, it's clear that Carmelo Anthony wants to leave Denver and head for greener pastures, and the New Jersey Nets make some sense in that regard. They will be moving to Brooklyn in 2012, which means that their market will be expanding very soon.

I'm here to offer another idea for Melo, though. One that may scare a lot of basketball fans, but should nonetheless be considered.

How about the Los Angeles Clippers?

Think about it: The future of the LA Clippers with Carmelo is much more optimistic than the future of the New Jersey Nets with Carmelo.

With Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin on the court together, the Clippers might actually become a relevant team once again.

Scary thought, right?

The Clippers can pay him, the market in Los Angeles is about as big as it's going to get and he might actually reach more success as a Clipper.

It almost makes too much sense, right?


Would a trade to the Clippers benefit Carmelo Anthony more than a trade to the Nets? Let the comments section know.

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