Two More TNA Knockouts Leaving for WWE?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 13, 2008

It has been reported that Angelina Love and Velvet Sky's contracts will expire in TNA by the end of next month. TNA would love to re-sign them, since they do get huge success in ratings when they are on.

However the WWE has expressed intrest in them and duos have left for other brands together before, such as the most recent about two to three years ago with Christian Cage and Tomko leaving the WWE for TNA.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky both have been in the WWE developmental program, with Velvet making a few guest spots against Victoria on Heat and a celebration for JBL winning his title in 2005. They were both especially Angelina close to getting called up numerous times, but couldn't do it.

Since they have both proved themselves in TNA, WWE of course wants them and why not they are hott and they are both very good wrestlers, TNA has a habit of signing women who can wrestle unlike what WWE has done with look first talent later. Why do you think Torrie Wilson never won gold.

She as the most popular diva probably in WWE history abd never won a single championship, WWE has now decided ever since Stephanie McMahon has been in the mix, that they would sign good wrestlers that also looked good.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky both fit what the WWE is trying to do. So they could end up signing with WWE instead, they pay more and they can get more exposure, the same thing happened with Gail Kim, she was intending on signing with TNA intil WWE intervened and she had to step back and think about signing with WWE.

Although no final signing has happened yet, so don' be surprised if she stays in TNA or goes to the WWE. In my opinion if they sign with WWE it will really hurt TNA's ratings, even if one goes it will still hurt them allot.

But what do you think should they go to the WWE or stay in TNA?