Fantasy Matchups: WWE vs. TNA

Kevin WilliamsCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

With WWE and TNA being the biggest wrestling promotions in the world today, every wrestling fan has matches that they would want to see between the wrestlers in both companies. I am obviously not speaking for everyone when writing this, but here are some matches that I would personally want to see if the two companies ever collided. Here is my fantasy match card for WWE vs. TNA.

10. Tag Team Turmoil

TNA: Beer Money Inc., LAX, Team 3D, and the Motor City Machine Guns vs. WWE: The Hardy Boyz, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, Miz and Morrison, and Carlito and Primo Colon.

Put four tag teams from WWE and TNA each in the ring and let them all battle each other in an over the top rope elimination match. This match has a little bit of everything. There is high flyers, brawlers, grapplers, and guys who would do just about anything to win, making for a very entertaining match.

9. Finisher Match

TNA: Booker T. vs. WWE: R-Truth

Two years ago, theses guys were representing opposite companies. R-Truth was master of the axe kick in TNA, and Booker T. finished off matches with the scissors kick in WWE.

This would be a back and forth match, mostly brawling between the two, but I'm sure that Truth would add some of the other moves in his arsenal such as the corkscrew forearm splash, a hurricanrana, or a 450 splash. In the end, I see Booker's years of experience being an advantage over R-Truth, and Booker winning with his version of the scissors kick.

8. Inferno/Match of 1000 Tacks

TNA: Abyss vs. WWE: Kane

Put the mentally unstable Abyss up against the downright deranged Kane, in a match that caters to them both. Abyss gets his thumbtacks, although in the end to win he would have to set Kane on fire. This match would be a struggle for power; Black hole slams, chokeslams, powerbombs, sidewalk slams, etc. I'm sure this match would not leave the fans disappointed as the two monsters attempt to set one another on fire.

7. Standard Match

TNA: Lance Hoyt vs. WWE: The Undertaker

Take him away from his Lance Rock gimmick, and Lance Hoyt could be a TNA champion. He can wrestle, and occasionally performs moves that he has no business attempting at his size and weight. When him and Abyss were the last two men remaining in the Fight for Your Right tournament a couple years ago, Hoyt used a moonsault and a coast-to-coast in the same match.

Undertaker on the other hand, has a nice plethora of grapples and strikes, feels it necessary to walk on the rope when performing old school, and has been known to occasionally (Wrestlemania) suicide dive over the top rope onto his opponents. These two competitors show that big men don't always have to rely on sheer power alone. Of course, Undertaker may be a little more than Hoyt can handle, but Hoyt could pull the upset.

6. Knockouts vs. Divas Tag Match

TNA: Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, Taylor Wilde, Roxxi, O.D.B. vs. WWE: Gail Kim, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Victoria

After the arrival of the TNA Knockouts division, the talent of the WWEDivas has been questioned by many. Pit fiveof the best Divas against five of the best Knockouts, and see who truly is the best.

Gail Kim, the first ever Knockouts Champion, has now returned to WWE, and it would be interesting to see her in the ring with the likes of Awesome Kong and Angelina Love again. Also, Beth Phoenix and Victoria are the power houses of the WWE Divas, but could any of them measure up to Awesome Kong?

5. Standard Match

TNA: Samoa Joe vs. WWE: Umaga

This is a match that I have wanted to see for a while. The Samoan Submission Machine (Joe) vs. the Samoan Bulldozer (Umaga). Pit the TNA Champion against the old Umaga (not the one that jobs to Jeff Hardy), and your in for a match.

If they were both still undefeated, it would be even more entertaining to see these two Samoans fight knowing that their streak was on the line. Their styles are different, and yet somehow, they match up evenly, and it's anyones guess who would win this encounter.

4. Tables, Ladder, and Chairs

TNA: A.J. Styles vs. WWE: Evan Bourne

Tables, ladders, chairs, and anything else that you could jump off of, on to, in to, etc. Styles and Bourne would put on a high flying clinic. Maybe they've met on the independent scene before, but as far as I'm concerned, I've never seen these two in the same ring. If you blinked once, you would probably miss something amazing. The whole match would be a highlight reel. Both have the shooting star press in their arsenal, and it would be interesting to see who could get it off first.

3. No Disqualification Match

TNA: Christian Cage vs. WWE: Edge

Those who started watching wrestling after the Invasion angle may not be aware that Edge and Christian are "brothers" in the wrestling world. As a team in WWE, they had many classic encounters with the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz (Team 3D).

The two also feuded after splitting up, but that was a mid-card feud. Since those days, Edge and Christian have been the world champions for two different companies. Put these two in the ring, after they both established themselves as world champions, and it results in a brawl to determine who is truly better between the two.

2. Iron Man Match

TNA: Sting vs. WWE: Shawn Michaels

It is a shame that wrestling fans will never get to see this match. HBK never worked for WCW, and Sting never worked for WWE, preventing fans from seeing what I think would be the greatest match of all time.

Two great wrestlers, even as they age (Sting is 49 and Michaels is 43), they are still two of the most talented wrestlers active today. If they fought for one night only, it would have to be in an Iron Man match. One pinfall wouldn't satisfy the crowd. Put these two in the ring for half an hour (an hour in my opinion, but most wrestling fans wouldn't sit through that), and see who can gain the most pinfalls over their opponent.

A sure classic, it's a shame that fans will never see these two wrestle.

1. Elimination Free for All Tag Team Match

TNA: Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Matt Morgan, Rhino vs. WWE: Batista, C.M. Punk, John Cena, Triple H, and Chris Jericho

The concept is simple: if you get pinned, you are eliminated. The last two men remaining, no matter what team they are in fight. Whoever gets the final pinfall, reigns on top of the WWE/TNA universe. There is no doubt in my mind that Triple H and Kurt Angle would be the final two men in the ring. However, the person who gets the last pinfall is up in the air. Needless to say, Triple H would do whatever it took to claim his rightful position as the King of Kings.

Another Match: A little entertainment for the young ones in the audience, put all the crazy gimmicks in a battle royal. From TNA, you have, The Guru, Maple Leaf Muscle, Black Machismo, Curryman, Super Eric, and Sharkboy. Representing WWE, Jimmy Wang Yang, Boogeyman, Charlie Haas (as whoever he pleases), Festus, and last, but not least, Hornswoggle. Make this the opening match before the tag team turmoil match.

Note: Gail Kim has not officially signed with WWE, however, I put her in the match assuming she will sign some time soon.


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