Carmelo Anthony Would Be a Poor Fit for the New York Knicks...Right Now

Ian SherwinContributor IJanuary 14, 2011

Carmelo Anthony finishing strong.
Carmelo Anthony finishing strong.Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony, recently, has been getting almost Lebron-like levels of attention. Since August, the Nuggets-Nets trade rumors have been non-stop.

Every time that a deal is near completion, it suddenly falls apart. Miraculously, weeks later, the deal re-appears, in nearly the same iteration that it was previously at.

With the Nuggets-Nets talk hitting another snag, a new team has been thrown into the mix (or back into the mix). The New York Knicks have been tied to Carmelo Anthony once again.

See, the Nuggets are trying to shield themselves from looking like complete idiots (it's going to be very hard to do). When the Nuggets decided to alter their proposed deal with Detroit and the Nets, once again and at the last second, New Jersey said no way. Denver wants the Nets to take Harrington and his bloated contract along with 'Melo.

In response, the Nuggets started accusing the Nets of speaking too much to the press about the proposed trade scenario. The Nuggets' management threatened the Nets' brass that if this were to keep up, the Nuggets would trade Carmelo to the Nets' cross-river rivals, the New York Knicks. Enter New York Knick trade talk.

As of yesterday, relatively substantial Knick rumors started springing up everywhere. Apparently, the Knicks would try to obtain O.J. Mayo and unload Anthony Randolph for a first-round draft pick to some third-party team. The Knicks would then send Mayo, the first-round pick, and some combination of Gallinari, Chandler and Fields to Denver in exchange for Carmelo Anthony and probably some other small-time players to make the math work.

If I'm a Knick fan, I wouldn't be crazy about this deal.

First, the Knicks would have to give up a good chunk of their recently successful core in order to get Anthony. I have no problem giving up Randolph or Gallo, but Chandler and Fields have been great and are a big part as to why the Knicks have been so successful.

Secondly, who knows if Stoudemire and Anthony can play together. They seem to be friends off the court, but on the court, I feel like their egos would clash. I think part of the reason why Stoudemire has been playing so well in NY is because he is considered to be the leader and go-to guy, for the first time in his career.

In the past, he's had to deal with Shawn Marion (when he was younger) and more recently, Steve Nash. He's never had a team to himself. If you put Anthony on the floor with him, you might be messing with a good thing. They both play very similarly, and a defensive combination of Stoudemire and Anthony might be painful to watch.

I'm just not sold on these two superstars being able to coexist on the same team.

Lastly, even if you think that 'Melo and Stoudemire can play together, why not take a chance and hope to sign Anthony during the offseason. Donnie Walsh already knows that 'Melo's ideal place to play would be in NY.

All you have to do is hope for the Nets' deal to fall apart, and I would think that the Knicks would have to be considered the front-runners to land Anthony. If you could obtain Anthony this summer, you'd be able to keep your core in tact.

You'd then have a starting team comprised of Felton, Fields, Chandler, Anthony, and Stoudemire. That would be a lethal starting five (however, I still think they would need to sign a center this summer). 

I think the Knicks should be patient here. They already are sitting in a spot which makes them eligible for the postseason. Why mess with a good thing. And if everything plays out the right way, and the stars align, we might be watching a press conference welcoming Carmelo to NY this summer.

Ian is a contributor for Bleacher Report. Ian also is the cofounder of What's Good Blog and writes for the site daily.