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World of WWE: 100 Moments That Shook the WWE Universe

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIJanuary 2, 2017

World of WWE: 100 Moments That Shook the WWE Universe

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    The following list will look at the 100 moments that made the WWE stand out and be noticed; whether it was for bad or good press, these moments are what put the WWE on the map.

    Some of the choices are a bit controversial because some of you will not see how so and so can be called a moment that made the WWE get noticed due to its tragic circumstances; however, I will be happy to prove my points in the slideshow and in the comment section.

    All the slides contain videos, so I wont be writing detailed descriptions about each of them.

    A lot of slides are missing writing, but apparently there are some bugs and the editor is seeing to them ASAP, so sorry for the unprofessional work. It was beyond my control. In the meantime, enjoy some of the videos.

Brock Lesnar & The Big Show Destroy The Ring

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    This moment literally shook the WWE Universe. 

    Brock Lesnar went one on one with his biggest foe in the WWE The Big Show, the two men had previously being feuding with one another for over a year. However none were more breathtaking and spectacular then this one.

    Big Show was going for a super chokeslam from the top of the rope, however Lesnar managed to turn the tides against the Giant by delivering one hell of a Superplex which literally imploded the ring. It was a great TV moment for everyone and one which really showed the world just how great a superstar Brock Lesnar really is. 

The Shawn Michael Rule

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    The 1995 Royal Rumble was one of the most controversial Rumbles we have seen in many years. The main reason was the fact that HBK who everyone thought was eliminated at the hands of the Bulldog, came out of nowhere and threw the bulldog out of the ring therefore cementing his place in history.

    The reason HBK was not eliminated in the Rumble was because only one of his feet had touched ground therefore still making him an eligible participant in the rumble.

    This event marked this historic reference of the Shawn Michael's Rule which many superstars in today's wrestling climate have used to their advantage including Jericho, John Morrison and many others. 

Curtain Call

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    Another controversial moment from Shawn Michaels however this time the klique as the were more famously known as all paid a part in this moment of history.

The Monday Night Wars

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    Perhaps one of the greatest periods in wrestling history, week after week we were treated to high quality viewing from both sides of the wrestling world, we had WCW owned by Ted Turner and run by Erich Bischoff competing with the WWE which was owned and run by Vince McMahon.

    This war was like one massive iron man match, with the ultimate winner being the one who never resort to dirty tactics aka the WWE. 

The Owen Hart Tragedy

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    One of the saddest days in Wrestling history. Owen Hart, son of the legendary Stu Hart and brother of the iconic Bret Hart, passed away while performing a stunt during a match against the Godfather. He was to be lowered down from the ceiling to symbolise a super hero like persona, however midway the trigger released itself early and Owen Hart fell onto the turnbuckle eventually dying.

    Owen was a great performer and many thought that he was the life and soul of the locker room, it was defiantly a moment that shook the world of wrestling, as all wrestling organisation in which Owen participated in including promotions in Japan paid tribute to their fallen star with various matches and messages.  

Chris Benoit Tragedy

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    The Chris Benoit Tragedy is another one that shook the very fabric of the wrestling industry but for all the wrong reasons. 

    I wont comment on this any further as I believe the above video will be enough, as the topic is rather sensitive to a lot of readers. 

Eddie Guerrero Tragedy

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    Eddie Guerrero passed away in 2005 from a Heart attack, he was at the height of his career and on the verge of a massive push, his death shocked a lot of wrestlers and fans across the world. 

D-X Invades WCW

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    D-X decided to invade the WCW in 1998 by going after them with an army tank and a street full of supporters.

    This event really showed the world just how important those Monday Night Wars were to the performers in the quest for higher ratings. 

Vince McMahon Buys The Competition and Wins The War

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    In 2001 Vince McMahon finally put an end to the Monday Night Wars as he purchased the WCW from Ted Turner. This was Wrestling history at is best, no one must of been happier then Mr McMahon as he finally showed his colleagues that he is the man.

    The following event also lead to the Invasion angle and the introduction to many other WCW stars such as the N.W.O, DDP, Rey Mysterio, Goldberg and others. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin's Encounter With The Boss

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin giving Vince McMahon the stunner was an epic moment in wrestling and one that changed the way we looked at the sport for ever. Many compare this moment to that of Andre The Giant being slammed by hogan, as it not only propelled the WWE's status but Stone Colds as well.

The Rock

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    During a Raw segment back in 1999, we were treated to a special edition of This is your Life a special event held by Mankind in witch he toasted the life of his tag partner the Rock. We would see glimpses of the Great One's past as his Old school teacher, gym teacher and ex girlfriend came out to celebrate proceedings. 

    TO the Rock's dismay the celebration ended after The Rock made a fool out of Mankind. it was one of the most entertaining and exciting promos we have ever seen, it was so good that it went longer then expected, normally Vince would not let something like this happen however it gave him the Highest Rated Segment of that Time as it reached 8.41 on the Ratings

Undertaker Throws Mankind Of The Hell In a Cell

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    What a moment in Wrestling, for any fan it changed the way we looked at wrestler's, after this match Mankind and undertaker became icons and global sensations in the WWE.

    I Won't discuss this slide much because if you ar a real wrestling fan then you should no just how great and epic this moment was, I dare you to find another WWE moment that was more jaw dropping then this, please don't say HHH vs Mankind in the hell in the Cell


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    If you do not remember this then you need to watch the above video asap. This moment lead Jerry Lawler into the puppy loving person that he is today, more so. 

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    This moment was famous for a lot of things, it was the first ever hell in a cell match, it was the first time HBK would face the undertaker in singles competition and it was the birth of The Undertaker's twisted brother Kane.

    The great thing about this moment was the fact that it played out so well, they had a guy who was bigger, stronger and more evil then the undertaker beat the dead man senseless.

The Mohammed Hassan Conspiracy

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    Hassan for me was one of the greatest wrestlers and Heels in the modern era.

    His persona, gimmick and character was great; however, although it was perhaps not used under the right circumstances, it still managed to show us what type of talent Hassan really is.

    He had a great undefeated streak in the company, before Cena and Batista had their ways with him—something that I hoped Khali and Kozlov would duplicate.

    Hassan was a Super Heel—a wrestler who knew what he was doing and knew how to create a negative reaction from the audience.

    The great thing about how they booked Hassan was the way he defeated the likes of Jericho, Benoit, HBK, Slaughter, Lawler, Hogan and others—they made his streak reputable instead of giving him no names that he could squash under 2 minutes.

    While this angered the crowd, his reputation only went from strong to stronger.

    It is a shame we will never see a Heel of his likes again in the company

Benoit and Eddie Guerrero After Wrestlemania 20

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    A moment which many fans call the greatest and the most emotional moment in their lives. To understand how much this meant for both men we have to look at the roads both men had to go through before they could finally win a WWE Championship and Headline the biggest event in the Wrestling world. 

    Eddie and Benoit have been wrestling for over 20 years before their tragic deaths, both men wrestled across the glove from Japan, Europe, Mexico and America. 

The Rebirth Of The Undertaker

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    One of the most epic moments in WWE History, this video highlights the moment in which Yokozuna and his Posse destroyed and buried the Undertaker at The Royal Rumble in 1994. Although The Undertaker put on a great fight back, the likes of Scott Steiner, Yokozuna, Diesel and others were just to much for The Deadman to deal with.

Birth Of The Golden Era

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    The Golden Era in Wrestling was a real transcending part of the business, it created some of the greatest superstars the world has ever seen from the likes of Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Piper etc.

    The Golden Era is also important because it was due to certain high prolific wrestlers such as Hogan and Andre, who helped turn a generation into wrestling fans. 

Birth Of The Attitude Era

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    For me and many others, this is regarded by far as the single greatest period in wrestling today. The Attitude Era started in 1996, it was tended to show the MTV Generation the rough and tumble side of the wrestling industry. 

    With superstars such as Austin, HHH, The Rock and Foley, The Attitude Era became a part of Wrestling History and has left a legacy that no business can ever attempt to come near to again. 

Ruthless Aggression Era

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    The Ruthless Aggression Era which started in the 2002 and ended in 2004 was an Era that focused on wrestling ability instead of hard hitting promos and segments. With Superstars from both sides of the brand extension all out to make name for themselves it really made each show that more entertaining to watch.

    We were treated to the likes of Lesnar, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker and others on Smackdown while Raw showcased Stone Cold, HHH, The Rock, Goldberg and others. Truly a great time in any wrestling fans life. 

ECW One Night Stand 2006

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    ECW One Night stand was one crazy night for anyone that viewed it. For those who were not familiar with what ECW was all about they were in for a real treat as they got a taste into low brow side of wrestling. 

    The Greatest thing about this night was not only the abuse John Cena received but the abuse every WWE Superstar from Kurt Angle to JBL received. It is a real shame that the New ECW could not have been even a shadow as to close to this.   

PG Era

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    The PG era or the Current era which many fans like to call it, has definitely been a talking point for a lot of readers and writers not only on Bleacher Report but around the world. 

    With its approach to be more kid friendly as oppose to its previous era's many feel that the PG ERA is slowly killing the company many fell in love with all those years go. With its two minute matches and vague story lines, lets just hope they get their act together soon. 

Vince McMahon Hires Eric Bischoff

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    Just when you thought things could not get any weirder in the WWE, Vince McMahon only goes and hires hi arch nemesis, the man who nearly put him out of business Mr. Erich Bischoff.

Spetemeber 11 WWE Episode

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    The WWE pays tribute to all those who lost their lives during the September 11 attacks in America. 

Kurt Angle Meets Tazz

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    For me this was the greatest debut in the history in the WWE, not because he defeated Kurt Angle in his opening match, but if you watch the video you will see the pop and respect Tazz receives from the capacity crowd at The Royal Rumble. 

Bret Hart Returns To The WWE

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    Perhaps not the return Bret Hart would of liked but nevertheless a Bret Hart return to the WWE is big news regardless of the lack of enthusiasm the WWE audience has at the time. 

    We all know about Bret Hart and the WWE, no one would of ever imagined the excellence of execution, returning to the company that betrayed and humiliated him all those years ago. However like Bret said, when you get to a certain age in life its good to move on and leave the troubles you had in the past.

Brock Lesnar VS Kurt Angle: 60 Min Iron Man Match

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    For me there was no greater match then Brock Lesnar Vs. Kurt Angle in a 60min Iron Man Match, which aired during a Smackdown Broadcast.

    Two of the most gifted wrestlers in the company put on an incredible show with both men giving it their very all, with great counter attack wrestling along with power, technical and the odd chair shot or 2 it was every thing you could ask for in a wrestling match.

    While Bret Hart VS. Bulldog, or undertaker VS. HBK are all considered great matches I honestly feel that none have come as close to topping this incredible match, to have quality of that magnitude for 60min is incredible

Th Crowd Turns On Bret Hart

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    At Wrestlemania 13 we witnessed the unthinkable, The Face of the company Bret Hart was taking on the up and coming heel of the industry Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

    However at some point during the match the crowd turned on the Canadian Warrior as they spurred Stone Cold Steve Austin to win. Many believe that this was in fact the making of Austin and his performance in this match is what lead him to great things down the line. 

McMahon Helmsley Regime Is Formed

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    The Video explains it all. 

Bret Hart VS. Shawn Michaels 60 Min Iron Man Match

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    Another great Iron man match between two popular rivals. 

    Many believe this to be the greatest ever Wrestlemania match. 

Zack Gowen Meets The WWE

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    During the ruthless Aggression Era we were told by Vince McMahon that if you want to make a name for yourself you have to go out their and take things under your own hands. 

    No words rung more clearer for Zack Gowen, as the one legged man decided to show the world why handicap people can be wrestlers as well. 

Plane Ride From Hell

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    X-Pac explains this part pretty well. 

Elimination Chamber and Goldberg

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    Like the Hell in the Cell the Elimination Chamber has to be up there. It was different to the Hell In a cell therefore it was very intriguing for a WWE Fan. the newly equipped cage was fitted with "bullet proof glass", it was surrounded by steel and pain, it was everything you could of hoped for.

    Although The greatest Chamber match has to be that of 2003 which saw Goldberg destroy everyone including HHH and HBK, this one was great as it marked out the first of many to come. Shawn Michaels won the match and his first Gold since returning to full time action

Floyd Mayweather and The Big Show

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    Boxing and wrestling cross overs are always great from an entertainment stand point view. This was no exception, Big Show the 500pound giant going up against the greatest pound for pound fighter of his generation.

    The match was greeted to a host of media attention from ESPN, FOX Sports etc. 

Lesnar's Shooting Star Press

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    This moment personifies who Brock Lesnar is and what he is all about. 

Mike Tyson and D-X

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    Another great boxing/wrestling crossover only this time it was between HBK, Tyson and Austin.

TLC: Wrestlemania 17

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    What do you get when you cross The Hardyz, The Dudleyz and Edge And Christian, yes you guessed it right; you get Tables, Ladders and Chairs. 

    This match was an instant classic form the get go, it had all men from different walks of life with different skills and abilities all battle it out to see who would be crowned the WWE Tag Team Champions. This match had a lot of hot spots such as Jeff Hardy'z swantomb bomb of the top of the ladder, The Dudleyz and their Tables, the addition of Lita, Spike and Rhyno however none was greater then the spear Edge delivered to Jeff from 15ft high.

    It defiantly lived up to all the hype and ever sine then no TLC match has come close to duplicating it.

NWO Brings Poison To The WWE

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    The NWO's introduction to the WWE was absolutely mind blowing, it ticked all the right boes except breath. 

The Debut Of Y2J

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    After his unappreciated spell with the WCW in the mid 90's, Jericho finally decided to jump to rival show WWE after signing a contract with the company in 1999.

    After a series of vintages of a countdown clock appearing on the titantron during and in between matches indicating the countdown to the millennium, the WWE universe was curious as to what was transpiring.

    Then during a promo that took place on Aug. 9, 1999, we were finally introduced to the already established superstar Chris Jericho. 

    The crowd went insane, they could not believe there eyes as one of WCW's guys were standing in front of the Titantron whilst the People's Champion, The Rock, was in the ring.

    Just to show you how great of a star Jericho is, for a debut he was electric, personally I feel no one has ever come close to duplicating what Jericho did that night.

    He was composed, energetic and certainly charismatic, he put on a great display of character as he wooed the Chicago audience, the chemistry he created with the Rock was certainly special.

The Big Red Machine Unmasks

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    While this may have been the most hyped up moment in wrestling history, it failed to live up to its expectations. Nevertheless Kane's unmasking helped Kane reach new heights and storylines involving some high profile stars such as RVD, Goldberg, Undertaker, HBK and others. 

Jericho Wins The Undisputed Championship

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    Obviously I could not leave out Chis Jericho's greatest achievement in wrestling today.

    No not the fact that he beat the Rock and Austin in one night, let's give the guy some credit, he did knock out Goldberg. 

    More to the point that the WWE found it appropriate to hand Jericho the responsibility to become the WWE most prized asset.

    By him achieving this great feat, it allowed everyone to know just how great a performer Jericho truly is

HBK and HHH Form D-X

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    Video Explains the birth and the End of D-X

Chyna Wins The IC Championship

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    The 9th Wonder of the World Showed the world how wonderful she really is as she became the first women to hold the IC championship, a title which many felt was predominantly male. 

    she achieved this after she defeated Jeff Jarrett for the IC championship in a good house keeping match.

Team Lesnar: Biggest Team Ever Assembled

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    Paul heyman and Brock Lesnar's aim was to set out and create the biggest and toughest group of men that ever walked the WWE.

    They did so in the form of Nathan Jones, Matt Morgan, A-Train, Big Show and Lesnar, these men were assigned to rid the world of Angle and his troops at the Survivor Series. 

Trish Stratus 7th Title Reign

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    As well as the most beautiful women in Wrestling, Trish holds the record as the most successful womens champion to date.

    She is a 7 time Womens champion

Shane O' Mac's Leap Of Faith

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    Shane O' Mac has to be the most hardcore wrestler on the roster who is not a full time superstar. his matches with Angle, Vince, Steve Blackman, Kane and others are all proof of his commitment to the business. 

    however none were more extraordinary then his 50ft leap of faith onto the Big Show at Backlash in 2001. 

Heart Break Kid Calls It Quits In 1998

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    HBK decided to end his career in 1998 due to a back injury suffered from the hands of The undertaker at the Royal Rumble. 

    It was a moment many of use considered the end of an era for one of the greatest entertainers of all time, thank god it was only for four years. 

Ric Flair's Farewell Speech

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    Video explains it well. 

Hulk Hogan Slams Andre The Giant

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    This moment was the most iconic moment in wrestling history, some say it was at this moment that Hogan became a WWE Superstar and that the World of Wrestling became global wonder. 

The Hot Rod Return at Wrestlemania 19

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    Wrestlemania 19 marked the return for the legendary Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy Piper as he went after two of his all time foes in the form of Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan. 

Rattlesnake VS The Bruma Bull Wrestlemania 17

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    The Rock VS. Austin has been compared to many gret bouts in sports such as Mike Tyson VS. Lennox Lewis,Ali VS. Frazier.it has such a aura about it that it made headlines in newspapers around the world. Austin and the Rock were both faces in the match but as the match was taking place in Texas The Rock became an automatic Heel. However at the end of the match evrything changed when Austin aligned himself with is arch nemesis Vince McMahon and in turn became a Heel. It was truly a great OMG moment in wrestling

Edge Cashes In His Money In The Bank Contract

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    Edge Finally cashed in his Money In the bank contract against a bloodied John Cena at New years Revolution.

    This would mark the beginning of the rated R Superstars Heavyweight campaign. 

Royal Rumble 1999: The Many Faces of Mick Foley

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    At the 1998 Royal Rumble Mick Foley became the first man to appear three times at the same Rumble.

    He entered the rumble as Mandkind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love, sadly he never win the match.  

Edge and Lita: Present Live Sex

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    This moment was great because it show cased what TV-14 wrestling is all about as oppose to PG wrestling. 

Earl Hebnor Saves The Rock and His Title

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    This moment was a personal favourite of mine, it involved senior official Earl Hebnor and some of wrestling best.

    For months HHH and D-X were making Earl's life a living hell, they bullied him, taunted him and even fired him,however during The Rocks match with  Shane McMahon in a steel Cage, Earl finally got the revenge he was looking for. 

Vince Mcmahon Is The Higher Power

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    JR says it best in this video. 

The Undertaker Sacrifices Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    This was when the Undertaker and Ministry were running wild, Here we seeing The Deadman crucify Stone Cold Steve Austin onto his symbol of darkness. 

Kane's First Words

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    For years we were speculating as to whether or not Kane could actually speak, however when he did it was truly memorable. 

The Game Returns

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    Arguably one of the biggest pops in wrestling history. 

Batista Attacks Goldberg

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    Batista Attacks Goldberg in an attempt to claim HHH bounty Money, however afterwards we found out that Batista was in fact about to join Evolution as the enforcer of the group. 

British Bulldog Defeat Bret Hart For The IC Championship In England

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    Summerslam 1992 held in England the homeland of The British Bulldog, the match was between Davey Boy Smith and his brother in law Bret Hart for the IC Championship. 

    When Davey eventually defeated Bret, he was given one of the biggest celebrations from the British Public the likes of which we have never seen. 

Nation Of Domination & Hart Foundation & D-X

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    Great moment involving all 3 power stables of the Attitude Era. 

I Want a Divorce

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    4 words any married couple would never dream of hearing, however Vince McMahon was pretty vocal about his displeasure with Linda as he asked her for a divorce in front of a capacity crowd. 

Vince McMahon's Kiss My Ass Club

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    The kiss my as club was founded by Vince McMahon on the eve of the demise of the alliance. Many members are part of the club including Rega, HBK, JR and others. 

Santino Marella Wins The IC Championship

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    Santino won the IC championship from umaga as a member of the audience. 

Drew Carey Enters The Royal Rumble

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    Comedy icon Drew Carey made wrestling history as he entered the 2001 Royal Rumble. he later eliminated himself. 

Kane Eliminates 11 Men In The 2001 Royal Rumble

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    Who could forget that night, I mean Kane was not even a favorite to do anything in the Rumble especially as how The Undertaker, Rock and Austin were taking center stage to clinch victory. Kane went on a 50+min rampage as he eliminated 11 superstars. Unfortunately Austin ended up winning the rumble as he eliminated Kane to clinch his third victory.




    1. Honky Tonk Man

    2. Raven

    3. Al Snow

    4. Perry Saturn

    5. Steve Blackman

    6. Grand Master Sexay

    7. The Rock

    8. Tazz

    9. Albert

    10. Crash Holly

    11. Scotty 2 Hotty

Undertaker VS. HBK 2 = 18-0

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    While their first encounter was amazing, no one would of thought that their second match would be that good. however not only did they exceed expectations they also managed to surpass their brilliant match at Wrestlemania 25 with another 5 star classic.

    The thing that made this match so easy on the eye, was that as a wrestling fan we all thought that there was no way in hell that HBK will loose twice to The Undertaker, this meant that we could be seeing the end of the infamous streak. If that does not hype up a match I don't no what does. 

    The Undertaker was victorious as he defeated HBK for the second time in a row and in turn ended the 25 year career of the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels.

The Nexus Takes Out The WWE Roster and Superman, John Cena

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    Nexus attacking the legends on Raw. 

Maven Eliminates The Undertaker From The 2002 Royal Rumble

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    Tough Enough Winner Maven signed his death warrant at the 2002 Royal Rumble, after he eliminated The undertaker from his own Yard. 

Chris Benoit Wins The Royal Rumble

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    We saw a star-studded card, with many high profile names entering this years event, we had superstars such as Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Big Show, Benoit, Angle, Kane, HBK, Goldberg and a host of other great names. The great thing about this match was that no one would of predicted that Chris Benoit was going onto win the event. For starters he entered in at Number 1 and Benoit was seen as a guy who was just a great mid card wrestler nothing else, that is why the win was 

The First Ever Wrestlemania

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    Wrestlemania is the Grand Daddy of them all, it was created in 1984 and ever since then it has become bigger and better with every passing year. it is interesting to note that Wrestlemania is considered bigger then the Superbowl.

    Wrestlemania has enriched us with so many great moments such as Hogan slamming Andre which was a hugh turning point in the whole industry, Austin vs Rock one of the greatest Wrestlemania rivalries and of course TLC which for me is still the match to beat at Mania, sorry HBK Taker

Debut Of Rey Mysterio

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    I for one could not wait to see The Masked Legend Rey Mysterio make his long awaited debut for the WWE. He had a great match would Chavo Guerrero, it was fast, exciting and everything you could wish for in a cruiser weight match. 

    The crowd got to see a glimpse of what they would soon be in store for when Rey shocked, dazzled and moved many people around the world when he faced the Mexican Warrior.  A great match, all i can say is that it is a real shame that the WWE does not go back to the old Light Heavyweight matches. 

    Here is a video

The Rock Goes Hollywood

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    In this classic Heel promo from the Great One we see a glimpse of what Hollywood can do to the Peoples Champion. 

The Return Of Hulkamania

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    This is one of many returns from Hulk Hogan to the WWE, a great moment and occasion for any WWE Fan. 

The First Ever Ladder Match: Razor Ramon VS. Shawn Michaels

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    Regarded by many as the single greatest Wrestlemania match, both men who are great friends out of the ring battled it out in the first ever ladder match for the IC championship. The victor was Razor Ramon but both men walked out as champions. 

The First Ever RAW

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    Watch Video. 

The First Ever Smackdown

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    Watch Video. 

Lex Luger Body Slams Yokozuna

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    One of the most iconic moments in wrestling, we were treated to a bodyslam challenge in which several superstars including Scott Steiner, Wrath, Crush and others would try and lift the 600pound giant of the floor and to the ground.

    After all men had failed, Lex Luger decided to take matters onto his own hands and lift the Banzai Warrior of the floor, and he did so with great success. 

Hogan Defs Yokozuna For The Title In 5mins: Wrestlemania 9

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    Wrestlemania 9 witnessed Bret Hart loose the WWE title to Yokozuna due to outside interference from Mr. Fuji. This lead to Hogan being challenged by Yokozuna, in which he gladly excepted and before Yokozuna could get acquainted with his newly won title, Hogan defeated him cleanly and quickly. 

DDP Is The Stalker

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    DDP revealed as the stalker of the Undertaker's wife. 

The Ultimate Warrior Becomes a Duel Champion

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    The ultimate Warrior defeated Hogan at Wrestlemania to become the first ever Duel Champion. He held the IC championship ad the WWE Championship. 

Randy Orton Becomes The Youngest Ever World Champion

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    During his time with Evolution, Orton received his first ever WHC title shot against Benoit at Summerslam 2004. He defeated The Crippler in a clean match for the championship as he was crowned the  youngest ever Champion, he was 24 years old. 

    Previous holders include, Yokozuna, Lesnar and Undertaker

The Miz Wins The WWE Championship

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    Everyone's favourite WWE Champion. 

Austin Sells His Soul To Satin

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin did the unthinkable at Wrestlemania 17, he forged an alliance with the guy who he has been feuding with for the past several years in Vincent McMahon. This had to be one of the most shocking moments in 2001 and wrestling.

    This heel turn also lead to Stone cold joining forced with HHH, they ended up winning the WWE, IC and the Tag team titles they were known as the Two Man Power Trip. 

Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie Lock Lips

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    This moment definitely goes down in my books as an instant classic.  

Watch Snuka Fly

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    During a cage match in the late 80's between Don Muraco and Snuka, Snuka did something which at the time was described as suicidal. he flew from the top of the cage and onto Muraco in an attempt to to win the match.

    This moment influenced a lot of wrestlers to take the profession up such as The Dudleys and Mick Foley. 

Mankind Wins His First Ever WWE Championship

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    Mankind winning the WWE gold was a big moment in his life and in the Monday night Wars.


    It was at this moment in which WCW announced the results to its viewers in an attempt to sway viewers away from the WWE, however this moment only made people change the channel and watch Foley receive his just deserts. 

Pipers Pit With Jimmy Snuka

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    Pipers Pit has always treated us to some chaotic moments, however none were more iconic then his encounter with Jimmy Snuka. 

Macho Man Randy Savage Weds Miss Elizabeth

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    This was the first of many wedding to be aired on live WWE TV.

Brian Pillman & Stone Cold Steve Austin Segment

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    Former tag team champions turned foe, this feud was great because both men had great chemistry that complemented one another. 

    Sadly the feud could never get going due to Brian Pillman's passing. 

Big Show Throws Austin Through The Steel Cage

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    At St. Valentines Day Massacre, we saw the debut of Paul White aka The Big Show, he came from beneath the ring in an effort to help Vince McMahon claim victory.

    However his perfect debut ended shortly afterwards, when the Big Show ended up costing Vince the match as he threw Austin against the cage which resulted in the cage breaking and Austin landing two feet on the floor threw the other side. 

Welcome To Dudleyville

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    My personal favourite Dudley moment. 

Goldberg and The Rock In The Same Ring

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    The Rock VS. Goldberg, just when you though that The NWO and The Rock was in a league of its own, Goldberg came and ruined the party. For me this was one of those matches that every fan from a young age who use to follow the Monday Night Wars could not help but dream about matches like this. Granted Austin would of been better suited then The Rock, however you can't get any better then a Heel Rock taking on the most indestructible body the world of wrestling has ever seen.

    This match had everything, we saw the crowd jump from Goldberg to The Rock in a matter of moments, no matter how much the Rock threw at them they still loved and admired him so much to a point where they made WCW's main man look like a piece of garbage. 

    Goldberg did go onto win the match, however The Rock made such an impression on the WWE Universe that even though he was a heel, he was still regarded as The People's Champion

Eddie Guerrero Wins The WWE Championship

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    Chavo Guerrero recently said that Brock Lesnar has lost His Heavyweight Gold on two occasion to two Mexicans, one of which was Eddie Guerrero. 

    This moment finally allowed Eddie to fulfill his life long dream of winning Heavyweight Gold. 

HBK Returns In NWO Colours

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    In 2002 we witnessed the return of HBK, however this time he was wearing NWO colours. 

Jim Ross Goes Crazy For Austin

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    One of J.R great moments on the announce table this time we get to see the passion flow through his veins and into his heart as he cheers for his friend Austin. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin Destroys The D-X Express

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    Great moment in which Stone Cold Steve Austin lays into the D-X Express this moment was used in the first ever Smackdown game for consoles in the story mode campaign.

Ric Flair and Vince McMahon Are Partners

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    The return of The Nature boy to the WWE, however not as a wrestler but as part owner of the WWE. 

Montreal Screwjob

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    Without a doubt this has to be the greatest moment that shook the world of wrestling from its very foundation.

    it involved two of the biggest stars in wrestling at the time HBK and Bret Hart, it is regarded by many as the biggest betrayal in WWE History. It divided locker rooms, separated friends and all in all made the locker room one lonely place for wrestlers. 

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