Affliction and Golden Boy Reach Deal: Boxing + MMA=?

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst ISeptember 13, 2008

Oh no, here we go again. First it was ABC sticking their nose into MMA business with the help of Big John McCarthy, now Donald Trump has to go and muddy MMA up with more boxing nonsense.

It was announced today that Golden Boy Promotions and upstart MMA-promotion Affliction had reached a deal. This is good news for some and bad news for many more.

The good news is that boxing may have a chance at surviving the MMA era after all, if they can ally themselves with MMA companies. This may bring MMA fans to boxing and vice versa. Everything's hunky dory, right?



As a sport that tried to make itself unique and has appealed to many for its brash disregard of society's values and rebellion even against congress, (which included presidential candidate John McCain, who will lose this election!) that made them stand out.


They innovated and innovated. Pushing boundaries and limits of obscenity when it comes to Dana White. Now, some old-school boxing guy that still loves Mike Tyson wants to forget all of that. Tisk tisk.

Not only this, but now Fedor Emelianenko may be on an undercard! What!? The greatest MMA fighter maybe of all time will be reduced to a runner up to Antonio Margarito or Manny Pacquiao or even Golden Boy prez Oscar De La Hoya. I have nothing against boxing, in fact I think boxing was a great sport. Emphasis on was.


It's MMA's time now.

Affliction was one of the more promising upstarts in recent memory. The days of a two-man race are over now that PRIDE is gone, but some saw a shining horse on the horizon in the form of a pudgy Russian and a guy with a comb over.


They could restore order to the MMA landscape! Maybe this is not to be, as Trump's agenda was not to restore MMA, but to restore boxing.

Many believe competition runs America and helps it succeed, but with Affliction maybe killing itself to MMA hardcore fans with this move, MMA in the U.S may be a monopoly. If it isn't already considered one, half of the people in the states call MMA "UFC fighting."


Donald Trump is the false savior of MMA in the U.S. 

One can only look to the land of the rising sun for help now. WVR and DREAM need to step it up. Surprisingly, they are quietly eating away at the chunk of MMA controlled by the UFC.


With WVR recently buying up Pancrase and Dream bought M-1 Global (which was supposed to entail rights to Fedor Emelianenko and Aleks also), they may have a fighting chance. If one looks at rankings now a days, you see a lot of fighters from Japan there. Not only that, but fighters prefer the less bloodthirsty fans over there.

Frank Trigg was once quoted as saying, "Dana White controls about 90 percent of the MMA market globally." From an insider of MMA, that's a scary number. Non-exclusive contracts are also a thing of the past in the UFC and WEC.


They mean business, and if a fighter doesn't like it, too bad. If they can get rid of veteran fighters like Arlovski and gip Randy Couture, they're not afraid of anybody.

Sure it would have been fun to see Trump give Dana a run for his money, but with so many companies and only so much of a market, it's dog eat dog.

You muddy up MMA, you lose fans. You add boxing to a card, you gain fans from boxing. Risk = Reward. These are all true statements. However, one can manipulate math any way they want; the important truth is that the public isn't dumb.


MMA knowledge is growing faster than crabs on Jenna Jameson (poor Tito), and Donald Trump can only pull the wool over the eyes of MMA fans so long until they're fed up. I know I'm getting tired of it.

So as much as I love Fedor, Barnett, Arlovski, Babalu, Lauzon, and the other more-talented fighters on their roster, when an MMA promoter thinks putting boxing and MMA together is OK, I smell garbage...or maybe that's hair spray for that ridiculous hairdo.