A Walk On The Painful Side Of Wrestling: The Notorious "Item In a Pole Match"

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A Walk On The Painful Side Of Wrestling: The Notorious

There is no doubt about it, when a gimmick match is presented it is going to be special. After all there is the bound to be something special that will happen in gimmick matches. The promise of blood shed, the sight of carnage, the high spots and the crazy risks superstars will put themselves through is enough to put gimmick matches above ordinary single matches or tag team bouts.

The same can't be said to Item in a Pole matches. There is just something about these pole matches that reeks of absolute suck-ness. I think its unanimous that whenever a Item in a Pole match would come up, its bound to be disastrous

The talent in pole matches are always rather bland and no matter how good the wrestler is, they can never accomplish anything good in a pole match. The was no hardcore.spots and the wrestlers rarely, but most of the times never, bleed. The promise of carnage turns into some of the most embarrassing minutes of wrestling. 

And WCW has a lot of them. For some reason they think pole matches are that great. I guess fan reaction was never part of their grand designing booking and creating a storyline.

There is one man that is synonymous to Item in a Pole matches. The man that built the Vince Mcmahon Austin feud, the man who created Degeneration X and the man who created edgy storylines that helped launched the Attitude era.

Yes, no other than Vince Russo. The man definitely has Item in a Pole match fetishes because while he was in charge, he created some of the worst, if not the worst Item on a Pole matches ever.

You don't believe me then lets take a stroll down memory lane and review some of the greatest misses of the infamous pole matches.

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