Fishing In Crowded Areas

Jess KContributor IIIJanuary 14, 2011

Many people have arrived to their favorite secret fishing location only to find out it is no longer much of a secret. Once this happens, if there is no other option in place, it could potentially ruin an otherwise well planned fishing trip. Unless, of course, you have the courage to fish where you have seen no man fish before. In instances like this, the best of all fishing tips is to go exploring. If there is ever a time that this is deemed necessary, the time is certainly when your fishing spot has been taken over.

This can actually be a rather successful move, particularly if the flood tides brought on by the spring have created more areas that were previously out of reach.  If you are able to get to these places, chances are the fish will actually be holding there as well as this is new ground to cover, complete with new hiding places that could potentially be full of food.

You might be surprised once you speak with other anglers who fished your same waters on the same day as it is likely that you will be glad that you went in search for a new secret fishing spot. When traffic from boats and other anglers begins to pick up, fish will tend to head out in search of peace and quiet. If there are creeks in the area as well, you might at first think to head there to fish, however that is typically what every other fisherman will be thinking as well. On days with heavy traffic, it is essential that you seek out new and unlikely places to search for your fish. Places that many anglers might actively avoid.

If you have the ability to reach certain areas that other anglers or boater will tend to avoid, chances are that is where your fish will be. Many times you will find yourself getting bites right in front of the many other anglers there to catch some fish that day. As long as you stay away from the crowds, you will be in good shape.

The next time you set out for a day of fishing at your favorite fishing hole, don’t be discouraged if you find the lake or river is rather busy that day. Instead, challenge yourself to get out that fancy fishing gear that enables you to fish in the hard to reach areas of a lake and be open to a little adventure. You may be pleasantly surprised.

On days when you are unable to make it out to the water, try out some great online fishing games to keep yourself entertained and your skills sharp.